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Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana
Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana
Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana
Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana
Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana
Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana

    Focus CBD CBG Nootropics Tincture - Goldvana


    Exceed Your Limits.

    Whether you’re preparing for a rigorous exercise routine, tackling a new challenge in the studio, or hoping to make the most of a demanding day, FOCUS will help you push harder for the finish line. Designed to optimize brain function, boost alertness, and facilitate mental clarity, our tincture combines CBD and CBG with a powerhouse of all-natural cognitive enhancers to keep you feeling and performing at your best.


    FOCUS’s ingredients have been hand-selected by experts based on scientific research backing the benefits for cognition, attention, alertness, energy, mood, and more. Though these holistic compounds are diverse, they all share the same, scientifically-backed benefits:

    • Cognitive Enhancement. FOCUS’ all-natural ingredients are scientifically shown to enhance cognition and keep your brain functioning at the highest level.
    • Improved Energy. Many of FOCUS ingredients are shown to boost energy, enhance alertness, fight fatigue, and increase physical and mental stamina.
    • Improved Mood. Feeling good is essential to performing at your best, which is why FOCUS ingredients are hand-selected to improve mood.
    • Reduced Stress and Anxiety. FOCUS harnesses the benefits of water-soluble CBD, which may reduce stress and anxiety, inducing the calm, focused mindset necessary to truly thrive.
    • Adaptogens for Stress and Fatigue. FOCUS contains a wide variety of adaptogens, naturally-occurring compounds that help your body cope with physical and mental stress.
    • Attention, Motivation, and Productivity. By increasing anandamide and dopamine levels, FOCUS may help you get more work done, while making your work itself more rewarding
    • Mental Clarity. Our ingredients are carefully selected to eliminate brain fog for a sharper, smarter mind.

    Blend of terpenes, vitamins, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and bioavailable cannabinoids. Our water-soluble CBD formula makes FOCUS significantly more potent than CBD oil products. Fast-acting, instantaneous effects.

    • Natural flavor with citrus notes
    • 60 servings per bottle
    • How to use: Place 0.5 ml of FOCUS under tongue, let sit for 5 seconds, then swallow, or add 1 dropper of FOCUS into beverage of choice and drink.
    • Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark location, or refrigerate for longer shelf life.
    • Quantity: 30 ml / 1 oz.
    • Total CBD: 300 mg
    • Total CBG: 420 mg

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    This product has not been evaluated for or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This product should be used only as directed on the label. Consult with a physician if you have a serious medical condition, concern, or use prescription medications.

    FAQs About CBD Tinctures

    Will I find THC in the CBD oil tinctures offered by CBD Emporium?

    We offer a variety of hemp products which includes isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum CBD products. Because full spectrum CBD products derived from the hemp plant uses all the important compounds contained in the plant, this includes trace amounts of THC (by law, no hemp plant can contain more than 0.3% THC). The small amount of THC included in full spectrum CBD products is not sufficient in quantity to make the consumer "high" in any way. It should be noted that some restrictive drug tests might identify this trace amount of THC, which could negatively affect a job application or other situation where drug testing is mandated.

    Do I need a prescription for CBD oil tinctures?

    Because all of our CBD oil tinctures are derived from the hemp plant, which is 100% legal (and safe!) in the United States, a prescription from a physician is not required in order to purchase our CBD products. As a side note, it is not uncommon for a doctor to recommend CBD oil tinctures as part of an overall treatment plan for certain patients. We also recommend you consult with your physician whenever you plan to add or change your current wellness regimen.

    What's the difference between isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum CBD?

    The short answer is that isolate CBD only contains the CBD compound extracted from hemp, full-spectrum CBD extracts all phytocannibinoids, and broad-spectrum CBD extracts all phytocannibinoids except for THC. For a fuller explanation, we suggest this article: What Is the Difference Between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum CBD?

    What's the difference between hemp oil & CBD oil?

    While CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, hemp oil is another term for hempseed oil, which is directly extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds, while containing nutritional ingredients (i.e., mineral content and healthy fats) which can enhance your wellness program, do not contain any cannabidiniol (CBD). Be certain to read product labels carefully; anything using the following descriptions are hemp oil and will not contain CBD:

    • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil
    • Cannabis Seed Oil
    • Hemp Oil
    • Hemp Seed Oil

    What's the correct dosage of CBD oil to take?

    As each human body is unique, so too will be the dosage you should take. Obviously, a 20-year-old, 98-pound, female will have strikingly different needs than a 65-year-old, 185-pound male. Not only will their diets and lifestyles likely be at opposite ends of the spectrum, so will their CBD needs and usage. Fortunately for our broad range of clients, we offer an equally wide selection of CBD products of varying dosages. You can find 1- to 4-ounce bottles of tinctures containing anywhere between 300mg and 6000mg of CBD oil (droppers vary in dosages from between 10mg and 50mg). Of course, we also offer isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum CBD tinctures, all carefully evaluated and approved before hitting our shelves.

    How long do CBD oil tinctures last?

    Each person develops his or her own CBD regimen for taking tinctures, but many consumers find that establishing a consistent program for CBD tincture dosing works best. Most users find two doses, once upon rising in the morning and the second at bedtime, is sufficient for their needs. Others use tinctures as their foundation for daily CBD ingestion, and use different CBD products (edibles, creams, and balms, for instance) for additional CBD treatments throughout their day. We recommend beginning with a morning/evening CBD oil tincture routine and then adjusting accordingly. Also, be aware that stress-filled days may call for extra dosages of CBD (either as tinctures or other kinds of products).

    Which CBD oil tincture should I buy?

    Fortunately for you, thanks to our rigorous and thorough assessment of the (literally!) thousands of CBD products being manufactured in America today, we have eliminated the guesswork for you by only accepting the very best quality CBD tinctures (and other CBD products, of course!). Even after our aggressive filtering process, you will find more than 100 products in our CBD tincture section, including isolate, full spectrum, and broad spectrum products. This leaves you shopping with the confidence that you can find the right products to meet your unique demands. In no time you will discover, like most of our clients, specific products and brands which better suit your lifestyle and wellness needs. During this journey of discovering your own wellness pathway, the products you experience will give you greater familiarity with and understanding of how CBD best serves you.