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FAQ - Lab Reports and Certificates of Analysis

What is a Lab Report/COA?

A third-party CBD lab report provides unbiased verification of what’s actually in the product you’re buying.

  • Often referred to as certificates of analysis (COA) - they are the key to knowing what is or is not in the hemp extract that makes a CBD product special.
  • Despite this, the industry continues to operate in an FDA unregulated space. There is currently no quality or content control on CBD products sold in the general consumer market.
  • Lab reports allow you to determine the cannabis content, quality and authenticate that the product is clear of any contaminants including, but not limited to, heavy metals, mold, pesticides and more. In some cases, lab reports may be provided for what other ingredients are in a CBD product, like carrier oils.

Want to verify a COA on one of the products we carry? We make all COAs available for you to see.

Questions on a specific product's COA? Contact us.