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Learn About Hemp Flower

Hemp flower comes from plants in the Cannabis sativa species, the same species as recreational marijuana. Hemp has for years been used as a key component in many industrial products, including paper, rope, clothing, biodegradable plastic alternatives, and more. Where hemp flower differs from recreational marijuana flower is in the plant’s chemical composition and proportions of cannabinoids contained within. While marijuana (federally illegal) contains larger levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC - the predominant psychoactive molecule in recreational marijuana), hemp flower has a higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD - non-psychoactive active molecule). Thus, the federal government does not restrict the sale of products derived from hemp plants, as they do not contain significant amounts of THC. The flower from hemp plants can still be processed and prepared for consumption by humans. While there currently isn’t a wealth of “official” conclusive studies on the effects and possible benefits of CBD consumption, millions of everyday CBD users will attest to its benefits. Like THC-heavy varieties of hemp, CBD-heavy hemp may affect different people in different ways. While some may find it a useful aid in relieving muscle pain, for example, another person may find that it helps keep them focused on tasks during the day. When it comes down to it, each individual must try hemp flower and its derivatives for themselves in order to learn how best to use it in order to improve and optimize their experience with it. 

The Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Hemp flower has many benefits that users, new and long-term alike, will attest to. In addition to being legal/unregulated with regards to the federal government, many users of hemp flower report a plethora of positive effects typically associated with cannabis consumption, but with little to no negative side effects. For example, users of THC-heavy cannabis may report receiving the benefits of reduced physical discomfort or lack of appetite, but may simultaneously suffer from increased anxiety or difficulty sleeping. If you’re somebody who would like the benefits of consuming the cannabis plant but is concerned about the potentially negative side effects of THC-heavy flower, then CBD-dominant flower may just be the solution you’re looking for. At the very least, you’re in full compliance with federal regulations and won’t have to deal with any noticeable psychoactive effects with CBD hemp flower. CBD hemp flower is also much more easily available through reputable distributors (such as CBD Emporium), and if purchased through such establishments/distributors as opposed to black market sources, you can be much more confident in the chemical composition and vital statistics of the product you’re purchasing. It’s analogous to the difference between purchasing a “vegetarian” sausage sub from a shady back-alley hot dog stand and ordering a gourmet plant-based wiener schnitzel from a Zagat-rated restaurant in the center of Manhattan. There’s not much question as to which is a safer bet. CBD Emporium will provide the latter experience! 

Forms of Hemp Flower

There are many different types of hemp flower products. Every individual will have their preferred method of delivery, just as every individual will have their own preferred level of CBD intake, strain, etc. As a potential hemp flower consumer, you owe it to yourself to shop around a bit and find what type/delivery method of CBD works best for you. If you try one method of delivery and just don’t feel that it’s the right fit, there are almost certainly several other forms/methods that you could try out before writing off CBD entirely. “Options, options, options” is the mantra! In terms of hemp flower, three of the main methods of delivery are CBD flower, pre-rolls, and cigarettes. 

CBD Flower

Flower is perhaps the most “traditional” form of CBD consumption. As with THC-heavy flower, CBD flower is sold in purely flower form. That’s not to say that pre-rolls or cigarettes are any less pure, but they do come in a more “ready-to-burn” delivery method. The benefits of CBD flower are numerous, but two are most immediately apparent. The first benefit is that buying the raw flower allows for a more customizable and controlled user experience. Much like with THC-heavy flower, the raw CBD flower allows for consumers to choose exactly the amount of flower they wish to consume, and users can modulate it accordingly after testing different amounts. The second big benefit is that pure flower can be prepared and consumed in many different ways. It can be smoked in almost any manner, whether it be from a pipe, bong, bubbler, rolled cigarette, etc. It can also be vaporized if the consumer wishes to avoid any kind of smoke. Were you to be unsure of your preferred delivery method, and purchased only pre-rolls or cigarettes, it would be slightly more of a hassle to take them apart and reprepare the flower. The primary benefits in one word: versatility. 

CBD Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are another excellent way to enjoy CBD flowers. It is still as pure and natural as flower, but has been broken down for you and wrapped up in a convenient pre-roll (analogous to “joints”). Those who prefer a quick, smooth smoking delivery method will enjoy these. All that is needed to prepare and enjoy this delivery method is a flame and a spot to ash. The primary benefit of purchasing pre-rolls is the convenience and minimal effort required to smoke and enjoy your CBD. That being said, you do sacrifice a bit of versatility. It might not be the best choice if you think you’d like to switch it up once in a while and smoke through a glass piece or vape your CBD. Pre-rolls can be broken apart for such purposes, however, it’s just simply a bit of extra work. However, if you know you’re a pre-roll kind of smoker, it’s the product for you. There’s a reason that pre-rolls are a time-tested and iconic smoke delivery system - they easily and smoothly deliver the goods!

CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes are another great delivery system for your CBD hemp. As with a traditional pack of cigarettes, CBD cigarettes typically come in packs of 20. They are typically filtered and offer just as easy of a smoking experience as traditional cigarettes. That is probably the extent of the similarities between CBD cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes, however. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, CBD cigarettes do not contain harmful additives and addictive chemicals. And, unless you really like the smell of tobacco, burning formaldehyde, and jet fuel, CBD cigarettes smell way nicer than traditional cigarettes. However, if you’re a cigarette smoker (or trying to cut down on your cigarette consumption), CBD cigarettes could be a useful and familiar delivery system. They are just as convenient and easily smokable as traditional cigarettes but provide benefits that tobacco cigarettes could never hope to while avoiding the vast majority of the detriments of tobacco cigarettes. 

Hemp Flower FAQs (General Questions) 

Can I Vape CBD Hemp Flower?

You most certainly can vape hemp flower. In fact, many CBD users find it to be their preferred method of CBD consumption. While CBD hemp smoke contains much fewer potentially harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke, anyone who tells you inhaling smoke is completely risk-free is lying to you or ignorant of basic science. While no comprehensive long-term studies have conclusively proved that vaping is entirely risk-free, some empirical evidence is known and perhaps obvious: there is no smoke in vapor, and thus likely fewer potentially harmful long-term effects. Regardless, many find vaping to be easier on the lungs, and while CBD hemp smoke doesn’t tend to linger long, vapor scent is even quicker to dissipate.

Can I Use Hemp Flower to Make Edibles?

Yes! CBD can be infused into edibles through a fairly simple process. In order to extract CBD from the flower for use in edibles, you first need to cook the flower on very low heat in your fat of choice (typically butter or vegetable oil). This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on how much time you have and your personal preference for edible potency. Many in-depth instructional resources are available online for this part of the process, and it is perhaps the most important step. No matter what, do not let the CBD or infused mixture exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit, as this can cause the CBD to evaporate. After the fat has been infused with CBD, you can add it to any recipe utilizing the butter/oil. Cookies, brownies, no-cook bonbons, the limit is your culinary imagination!

Are There Side Effects to Smoking Hemp Flower?

One of the biggest reasons people choose hemp flower over traditional THC-heavy marijuana is precisely due to the lack of unwanted side effects. For the vast majority of CBD users, there are little to no unexpected side effects. Users commonly report experiencing many of the positive effects of cannabinoids such as relaxation, pain relief, anxiety reduction, etc. while avoiding the potential negative effects often associated with THC-heavy flower, such as anxiety, dizziness, nausea, etc. That isn’t to say potentially negative or unexpected side effects can never occur with CBD flower, but if they do, they are often much less extreme than with THC-heavy flower. It is always important to remember that each individual’s body chemistry is different and that you should listen to your body and do what helps it to function at its optimal level of wellbeing. If you’re concerned about potential side effects, start slow. Speak to your doctor or medical professional. Ask for recommendations from your vendor or distributor. There are many resources available to help you find the right level, type, and method of CBD consumption for you. 

What is The Best Hemp Flower?

Opinions are like annoying coworkers. Almost everyone’s got one. But, as mentioned throughout this article, there really is no “best” hemp flower. That’s because… you guessed it, no two people are exactly the same! What’s best for one CBD user may not be for another. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re looking to get from your CBD product. Sure, one particular strain or product might be great for pain relief, but what if you’re primarily looking for anxiety relief? Shop around, read user and manufacturer reviews, and try out different products until you find your “best” flower! At the end of the day, that’s one of the best things about CBD products. The benefits are so numerous and diverse, and the potential drawbacks are so minuscule, that there is bound to be at least one product that suits your purposes. You won’t know until you try it out, though, so give CBD a shot!

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