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Learn About CBD Topicals

When it comes to CBD and body care, many users are raving about CBD topicals. Of course, all types of CBD are useful in different ways, but with topicals you get an edge you can't get with other CBD products: the opportunity to apply CBD directly to an afflicted area. This benefit is just one of many reasons to try CBD topicals, especially through CBD Emporium, where we filter out inferior CBD products through our rigorous, three-staged due diligence process, letting you select the products that best serve your needs and wants.

The Benefits of CBD Topicals

There are multiple reasons for preferring CBD topicals over other CBD products on the market today. CBD is a remarkably versatile compound that harmonizes beautifully with the human body (as well as for our beloved pets), so it should come as no surprise to discover that different forms of ingesting or absorbing CBD can offer different results and benefits.

    It's not uncommon for our customers to report that, after treating a particular condition or concern, they noticed their skin feeling and looking better, emitting a glow and developing a softness not experienced for years. At CBD Emporium, we too appreciate the numerous and combined benefits our clients are gaining, which is why we continue evaluating new products and keeping our shelves stocked with the wide array of CBD topicals we already endorse and offer.

    CBD users may utilize a topical to try helping with the following reasons.

    • Battle Bacterial Infections¬†- some CBD topicals can reduce swelling, while easing pain and itching
    • Healthier Skin¬†- thanks to the antioxidants teeming in CBD and other compounds, applying it to your skin can keep it youthful and vibrant
    • Improved Sex Life¬†- historically, cannabis was used an aphrodisiac; partners using CBD together attest to its effectiveness and enhancement
    • Localized Pain Management¬†- because our skin has CB2 receptors, the effects of CBD topicals are quickly and noticeably felt¬†
    • Manage Inflammation¬†- arthritis affects 350 million people worldwide, and CBD is an excellent fighter of inflammatory conditions
    • Massage Therapy¬†- for people who enjoy massages, using CBD massage oil elevates the experience to a whole new level
    • Relieve Psoriasis¬†- cannabinoids are known for inhibiting the buildup of dead skin cells, one of the painful symptoms of psoriasis
    • Soothe Skin Irritations¬†- the antibacterial properties found in CBD and other cannabinoids can help combat skin irritations and minor infections
    • Treat Burns¬†- integrating CBD with natural ingredients can help burns heal and relieve pain

    CBD Topical Uses and Types

    Even though applying CBD topically can target specific trouble spots, the effects you experience when using a CBD topical are twofold: local and systemic. The local effect occurs when you put it directly on a sore or uncomfortable spot, but CBD topicals also enter the bloodstream transdermally (through unbroken skin). This means that while you enjoy immediate effects in the area in which the CBD topical was applied, the remaining valuable and important cannabinoids in your CBD product will also spread throughout your system, benefiting your entire body rather than only the sore point needing attention.

    Even better than the ease and efficacy of topical applications are the multiple types of CBD topical we have approved and carry on our shelves. As you peruse our entire line of topicals, you will encounter these kinds of topical solutions:

    It may initially appear to be overwhelming, but as you take the time to browse our shelves, you will see that we not only have covered your needs in a variety of methods, but within each of these types, we offer more options, such as fragrance, size, strength, and type of CBD (i.e., full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate CBD). In short, most of our customers find our selections varied, thorough and easy to peruse, not a confused jumble of products without rhyme or reason. 

    Choosing the Appropriate CBD Topical

    Which CBD topical is best for you? Most of our clients develop their own routine with CBD topicals, depending upon their individual needs and demands. When including CBD topicals within their wellness regimen, they find that some CBD topicals fit perfectly into their daily routine, while others serve better as emergency or special use case situations.

    You will find most of our creams and lotions perfect for adding to your daily routine. Most users find that regular and consistent use often produces more effective results over the long run. Some users select a menu of CBD topicals to start their day and choose different methods for winding down and preparing for a solid, deep sleep.

    For special situations, CBD roll-ons are perfect for the active person on the go, who can treat minor bumps and abrasions quickly. Balms and salves are excellent companions for those working out, running marathons, or participating in other intensive physical challenges. Finally, for those indulgent moments we all deserve, butters and massage oils are ideal for a full body application.

    Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Topicals

    We always encourage and invite any questions you may have about CBD topicals; as you might imagine, there are common questions most people have concerning CBD topicals for which we already have answers, so for your convenience, we prepared this FAQ for you.

    Is There Any THC in CBD Topicals?

    Our full spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), which is not enough to make you high or otherwise affect your mood or thinking. However, if you are required to undergo drugs tests, more stringent drug tests may reveal those trace amounts of THC in your system. If this is of concern to you, we recommend you use either broad spectrum or isolate CBD topicals, neither of which contains any amounts of THC. Our article, "What Is the Difference Between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum CBD?" explains this in greater detail.

    How Do CBD Topicals Relieve Pain?

    One of the most important and impressive properties found in CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation and ease pain. This is accomplished due to the very close relationship between CBD and our endocannabinoid system, which work in harmony to facilitate a better functioning body. Part of maintaining this harmonious connection is aiding the body's own healing center in performing its duties efficiently and quickly. At CBD Emporium, every product sitting on our shelves has undergone a thorough and rigorous vetting process to ensure the products perform at or above our expected standards. This helps ensure that you will find the most effective and satisfying CBD topicals as you shop our stores. 

    Which Is the Best CBD Topical for Me?

    At CBD Emporium, we believe humans are both similar and unique. We are similar in that every human being can and does benefit by adding CBD to their wellness regimen; we are unique in that each individual responds differently to their surroundings and to the items they consume, from foods and beverages to the wellness products we select. You will likely find that, over time, your needs and usages will change, so keep your wellness program flexible and adaptable. This gives you the opportunity to better understand yourself, your needs, and what works best for you, which, in turn, makes your well-being program more effective and fulfilling.

    How Are CBD Pain Rubs Different from Other Pain Rubs?

    There are many pain rubs on the market that also use natural ingredients that reputedly help us feel better. Some natural ingredients prove more effective or longer lasting than others, but by integrating CBD into these same ingredients, these positive and healing effects are better focused and amplified. Think of CBD topicals as similar to other natural pain rubs, but a better, super-strength version of the same product. It is more likely results will be more noticeable, effective, and enduring than normal.

    Can CBD Topicals Absorb Properly?

    As you view the ingredients contained in the various CBD topical products, you will notice the contents vary greatly between different types of CBD topicals. Even within the same type of CBD topicals, you will find different ingredients. You don't need to be a chemist to understand that different compounds can serve similar purposes, which is why other ingredients in different CBD topicals can run the range of natural curatives and therapeutics. Absorption is a key property to consider when formulating CBD topicals, as this ensures the user gets the full benefit of the CBD and other cannabinoids. This factor is carefully evaluated during our due diligence process, so our customers can shop with the full confidence that the CBD topicals you purchase from us perform for you at the highest level, from absorption to relief.

    We do not expect to answer every question in the above FAQ, which is why we always invite you to contact us with your own questions or concerns. Even better, visit one of our stores to shop CBD topicals near you and meet our informed and helpful CBD consultants while viewing our CBD topicals firsthand.