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CBD for all the chill! CBDaF! products taste great and make you feel great all at the same time.
We carry 12 CBDaF! products.
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Brand Highlights

  • CBDaF! products are all about power, potency, and preference. These CBD products are designed to give you the edge, take off the edge, or both.
  • CBDaF! is comfortable not conforming to the same boring or sketchy standards you find in the CBD industry.
  • This brand transparently makes Kick-Ass products that are always backed up through independent testing.
  • CBDaF! doesn't care what generation you come from, what your social status is, or what you do on the weekends (for the most part). Their priority is making you feel chill af while doing it.

CBD Emporium proudly carries "CBDaF!" both online and in our CBD stores.

CBDaF! CBD Vape Cartridge - 400mg, 1ml


CBDaF! RECOVERYaf Roll-on Salve


CBDaF! Topical Cream, ICYaf Freeze Relief - 250mg


CBDaF! Tincture Tropical Fruit - 600mg, 1oz


CBDaF! Tincture Spearmint - 300mg, 1oz


CBDaF! YOUTHFULaf Moisturizer - 100mg


CBDaF! WOKEaf Under Eye Awakening - 100mg


CBDaF! GLOWaf Facial Oil, Vitamin E & Aloe


CBDaF! CBD Softgels - 100mg, 5ct


CBDaF! BEAUTYaf Body Butter, Vitamin E - 200mg


CBDaF! CBD Gummies - 600mg, 30ct


CBDaF! CBD Gummies - 160mg, 8pk


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