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Elixinol Product Lineup


A veteran of the industry that has innovated and advanced hemp for the past 25 years.
We carry 10 Elixinol products.

Brand Highlights

  • Elixinol is a Colorado-based brand with over 25 years of experience in the hemp industry.
  • Besides knowledgeable hemp experts, the Elixinol team includes doctors and researchers to stay on top of the latest developments in both production and science.
  • Elixnol’s long track record serves as proof of their company’s commitment to advancing the hemp industry.
  • Elixinol’s transparency at every step of their process, from growing to extraction to sale, makes them a reliable source for anyone looking for quality CBD products.
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CBD Emporium proudly carries "Elixinol" both online and in our CBD stores.

Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, Boswellia - 900mg, 60ct


Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, Everyday Balance - 900mg, 60ct


Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, Melatonin - 900mg, 60ct


Elixinol CBD Capsules Bundle


Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, Turmeric - 900mg, 60ct


Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, Ginfort - 900mg, 60ct


Elixinol Liposome Rapid Reset - Citrus Twist


Elixinol Hemp Balm - Copaiba + Calendula Oils, 500mg


Elixinol Full Spectrum Tincture - Natural


Elixinol Broad Spectrum Tinctures - Winter Mint


Learn About This Company


Elixinol co-founder Paul Benhaim’s interest in natural wellness started in 1991. His main interest was how organics could make people’s lives longer and more fulfilling. This led Paul to discover hemp and its many health benefits.

In 1993, he got involved with the hemp industry. He soon developed a hemp-based health bar packed with a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The bar was a huge hit and exploded in popularity. Today, it’s sold by the millions under a variety of labels all over the world.

Paul’s passion for hemp-based health products led to Elixinol's foundation in 2014. Today, Paul’s history of research and innovation in the hemp industry along with a team of experts lead the industry. Their satisfied customers everywhere are a testament to the passion and diligence the brand stands for.

The CBD Emporium Selection of Elixinol Products

Elixinol’s products are all backed by a wealth of knowledge in hemp and the latest science on CBD. They seemed a natural fit for our roster. But, we take no chances here no matter how great a brand’s promises may be. So, we put Elixinol to the test with our rigorous vetting system.

Our three-stage “due diligence” test

Stocking quality products you can trust is everything to us. Every brand featured by CBD Emporium needs to pass our three-stage due diligence process. This ensures only the very best CBD brands on the market end up in your home.

First, we verify their lab results. All products featured on our site contain just what they say they do, and no contaminants or heavy metals.

Second, we research the brand itself to spot any potential red flags. Poor user reviews and any negative reports are a couple of the criteria we look for.

Third, we do a personal vetting test. Nothing that we wouldn’t use ourselves ends up on our shelves.

Elixinol passed the test without a hitch, though we can’t say we’re surprised. Learn more about their product lineup below.

Elixinol Tinctures

Elixinol Tinctures

For a versatile way to get your daily CBD, try an Elixinol tincture!

Elixinol Daily Balance Tinctures

First up is Elixinol’s Daily Balance Tinctures. They designed this formula to help maintain a healthy body and mind with a daily serving of CBD. 

Elixinol’s Daily Balance oils feature both a broad-spectrum and a full-spectrum extract. Broad-spectrium means it’s THC-free but still contains all the healthy compounds in hemp besides CBD. It’s perfect for avoiding THC while still enjoying the synergistic quality of hemp’s other cannabinoids (a.k.a. the entourage effect). 

Daily Balance tinctures come in 3 different sizes: 500mg, 1000mg, and 4000mg. Beginners might want to try a 500 or 1000mg bottle. The 4000mg offers a higher amount of CBD per serving for stronger effects.

Elixinol Daily Balance Tincture Ingredient Highlights

  • Full or Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract: CBD oil created using a clean, supercritical CO2 extraction method
  • Beta-Caryophyllene: a natural terpene with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties
  • Natural Flavors: try refreshing Wintermint, spicy Cinnamint, or herbal Natural flavors
  • MCT: a coconut oil-based carrier oil that protects CBD as it passes through your digestive system

Elixinol Capsules

Elixinol Capsules

For a fast and efficient way to take CBD, look no further than Elixinol’s CBD capsules. They offer a wide range of formulas for your exact needs.

Everyday Daily Balance

Their Everyday Daily Balance capsules keep your mind and body attuned. Promote a general sense of wellness by adding 15mg of full-spectrum CBD to your routine once or twice per day.

Sleep Good Night with Melatonin

CBD and melatonin work in tandem to help maintain your body’s natural day / night sleep cycle. Ensure your circadian rhythm stays attuned with one of these 15 mg capsules about an hour before bedtime.

Calm Stress Support with Ashwagandha

This blend pairs CBD with Ashwagandha, an herb used in ancient Indian medicine. Ashwagandha has been shown to help with stress and anxiety. It’s the perfect partner for this full-spectrum CBD capsule.

Immune Gut Health with Ginfort™

Support a healthy gut with this formula of CBD and Ginfort, a concentrated form of ginger. Your gut is home to 80% of your immune system. Take good care of it with the power of CBD and ginger, widely used for its digestive benefits.

Active Body Comfort with Boswellia

Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is a potent anti-inflammatory. Using it together with CBD can support healthy joint function and range of motion for athletes. Make the most of your workouts with this blend.

Active Omega Turmeric

Support a healthy body with CBD, essential omega-3s, and turmeric, a natural spice. This formula is a powerful combo meant to maintain healthy joints, and provide antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties after exercise. 

Elixinol CBD Capsules Ingredient Highlights

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract: 15mg of CBD per capsule
  • Melatonin: to give you a restful night’s sleep
  • Ashwagandha: to help manage stress
  • Ginfort: a concentrated ginger extract unique to Elixinol to maintain gut health
  • Boswellia: a powerful anti-inflammatory for healthy joints
  • Turmeric: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent

Elixinol Liposome

Elixinol Lipsome

For immediate effects and incredible absorption rates, try this innovative liposome pump.

Elixinol Liposome Everyday Rapid Reset

Sublingual absorption (through your gums and under the tongue) is one of the most efficient ways to take CBD. Elixinol improved this process even further with this innovative extract.

Hit the pump to get a foamy blend of broad-spectrum CBD. The bubbly texture makes absorption fast and the feel the effects quickly. Try 5 pumps anytime you need a little reset.

Elixinol Liposome Ingredient Highlights

  • Broad spectrum hemp extract: 300 mg of THC-free CBD per bottle
  • Natural flavors: enjoy the refreshing flavors of citrus and lemon oils

Elixinol Gummies

Elixinol Gummies

Elixinol gummies are a delicious way to get your daily serving of CBD!

Good Mood Gummies

These tasty treats are packed with 10 mg of full spectrum CBD per gummy. Add one or two per day for a fruity mood boost. Get all the benefits of CBD in the vegan-friendly flavor of your choice.

Elixinol Gummies Ingredient Highlights

  • Full spectrum hemp extract: 10 mg of CBD per gummy, 300 mg per bottle
  • Natural flavors: try their juicy pineapple, tangy passionfruit, fruity mixed berries, or an assortment of them all 

Elixinol Topicals

Elixinol Topicals

Treat your skin to the tender care of these CBD topicals.

Elixinol Sports Gel

Throw this broad-spectrum CBD gel into a gym bag for a non-greasy way to feel your best after a tough workout. Rub it on your sore shoulders, neck, or anywhere else for a warming, comforting sensation.

Elixinol Hemp Balm

Revitalize your skin with this hydrating balm. Apply this combo of CBD with copaiba, ucuuba butter, along with other natural botanicals to any irritated areas. Experience comfort and a refreshed feeling for your skin anytime.

Elixinol CBD Topical Ingredient Highlights

  • Hemp extract: Enjoy 1000mg of broad-spectrum CBD (Sport Gel) or 250mg/500mg of full-spectrum CBD (Hemp Balm)
  • Capsaicin: helps relieve pain and irritation on the skin
  • Arnica: soothes muscles and aches caused by inflammation
  • Copaiba oil: anti-inflammatory agent that reduces pain
  • Ucuuba butter: treats dry, irritated skin

What CBD Emporium Execs Say About Elixinol

“CBD Emporium is excited to bring the Elixinol brand and product selection to all of our stores. Elixinol has been committed to the hemp industry long before there was a hemp industry in the United States. Their dedication to research, science and innovation, is a major inspiration to the CBD Emporium team. 

Elixinol’s experts have honed their farming, extraction, and manufacturing to the highest level. You can really feel it through any of their products. Their medical research into the science of cannabinoids and how they react with the endocannabinoid system has created some of the best products on the market today. 

Their product lineup has something for everyone. Capsules, tinctures, liposomal CBD, topicals: it’s everything a body could ever need on the journey of well-being. All of their products are made in the United States- a sign of rigorous farming standards. Their highest-quality ingredients are manufactured with no chemicals, no synthetics. Nothing but plants- just the way we like it. 

Their commitment to the industry has put them at the forefront of consumer awareness. And they continue to be a perfect example of the transparency needed in this industry. We are grateful to have them at CBD Emporium and recommend everyone give Elixinol a try for their wellness regimen.”

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At CBD Emporium, our main goal is to scour the CBD marketplace to uncover only the absolute best manufacturers of CBD products. By using this ethical and logical approach, we have built (and continue to grow) our emporium devoted to all things CBD. As part of our commitment to identifying top CBD producers, and in the spirit of transparency with which we operate, we want to share with you, our valued clients, what exactly caught our attention about the various companies we have approved and whose products we carry for your consideration and use.

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At CBD Emporium, our focus continues to be centered towards the lifeblood of our business: our clients both online and in person. To this end, we invite you to reach out to us, either by contacting us online or visiting one of our many retail outlets.
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