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Receptra Naturals

A CBD brand dedicated to healing with a caring hand at work at every step in their craft.
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Brand Highlights

  • Receptra is a Colorado-based brand dedicated to delivering all-natural products that really work.
  • Receptra’s founder, Rusty Scott, created the company after experiencing the relief CBD had on a serious knee injury.
  • They passed our rigorous three-tiered testing process to land a spot on our roster of recommended brands.
  • A team of advanced degree-holding chemists created each of Receptra’s CBD formulas.
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Receptra Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, Relax 25 - Ginger Lime


Receptra Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules - 25mg, 30ct


Learn About This Company

Receptra Naturals

We here at CBD Emporium love what they’re doing over at Receptra Naturals. From the moment their seeds are planted, their CBD has one sole purpose: produce a consistent, quality product that is what it says it is.

Receptra Naturals founder Rusty Scott created the company after turning to CBD for a serious knee injury. Impressed by the healing potential of CBD, he set out to create the most therapeutically potent CBD products possible. He wanted to create a brand that uses truly good ingredients to deliver serious relief. And he wanted to do it all with a caring hand in every step of the process.

Today, Receptra Naturals’ family-owned farms produce the organically grown Colorado hemp that makes up every product in their lineup. Every single bud is hand-harvested. High cannabinoid content and rich terpene profiles are the standard in every plant. This careful process ensures that everything you get in your hands is quality from seed to the shelf.

Receptra Naturals creates CBD extracts high in Beta-Caryophyllene. All kinds of plants, including hemp, contain this natural terpene. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties. 

Using a caring approach, high-quality materials, and a transparent look into their process, they’ve created an amazing product that just works.

The CBD Emporium Selection of Receptra Naturals Products

With care taken at every step in their supply chain, it’s no wonder that Receptra Naturals earned a spot here at CBD Emporium. Every single plant is grown and hand-shucked on their family-owned farms. Their harvesting methods are well detailed for total understanding of why it’s best.

That said, we test each brand on our site thoroughly here at CBD Emporium. So, we put their claims to the test with our extensive, three-tiered vetting process to make sure you can buy with confidence. First, our testing method verifies each brand’s lab reports. Second, we conduct a brand background check for any negative claims. And third, each brand undergoes a personal final vetting process.

Receptra passed every stage without a hitch. This brand packs the punch they say they do. We were very impressed by their CBD’s full-spectrum extraction. It's rich with therapeutic terpenes straight from the best parts of the plant. 

Receptra Naturals Tinctures

The best thing about Receptra Naturals line of tinctures is that each one serves a very specific purpose.

Seriously Relax promotes a sense of relaxation with a mild serving of CBD along with lavender and other natural botanicals. Serious Rest combines CBD with chamomile, linalool and other natural ingredients that encourage restful sleep.  For active lifestyles, there’s Serious Relief. This formula keeps athletes in mind. It features a whopping 66mg of CBD per serving with turmeric, and avocado oil for faster recovery.

Or for a more straightforward oil, Serious Wellness is just two simple ingredients: MCT oil and 50mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. Receptra Naturals’ formulas are crafted with purpose to serve your day in the morning, night, and across everything in between.

Some main ingredients for their tinctures:

  • Full-spectrum Hemp Extract - CBD carefully extracted from Colorado hemp
  • Natural Botanicals - each blend besides Serious Wellness is loaded with a unique blend of natural botanicals and essential oils that interact in harmony
  • MCT Oil - the delivering agent that protects the CBD as it enters your digestive system

Receptra Naturals CBD Gummies

Receptra Naturals CBD Gummies Banner

For those who aren’t a fan of hemp flavor or prefer a quicker way to take CBD, Receptra Naturals has got you covered. Their Serious Rest CBD gummies are a delicious way to add CBD to your wind-down routine. 

While most formulas made for sleep include melatonin, Receptra Naturals sticks to keeping the plants the way nature intended. There are no additives at work here beyond what’s available in hemp. Instead, enjoy 25mg of their full-extract CBD along with 3mg of CBN. CBN is a naturally occurring compound in hemp believed to work in tandem with THC to encourage restful sleep. 

Best of all, these gummies are vegan-friendly and come in a delicious mountain strawberry flavor. Some ingredients in these gummies are:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract - 25mg of CBD per gummy
  • CBN - 3mg of CBN per gummy, a compound found in aged cannabis plants valued for its sedative interactions with other cannabinoids
  • No melatonin - all ingredients are 100% from the plant, as nature intended

Receptra Naturals CBD Balm

Receptra Naturals CBD Balm Banner

Next up is a CBD topical ranked #1 by CBD Insider made for aches, pains, and physical discomfort. Receptra Naturals CBD Balm with arnica activates the cannabinoid receptors in your skin and diffuses through the pores to deliver a full-spectrum CBD extract anywhere you’d like. Apply to any area with aches, pains, or irritation. This all-natural botanical blend will go to work immediately with a pleasant jasmine scent.

Receptra Naturals CBD Balm comes in a portable plastic jar to easily tuck into a purse or gym bag. This formula comes in 400mg or 800mg jars, or an even more handy 640mg targeted topical stick.

Some of the ingredients at work here are:

  • Jojoba - a nut with healing properties used to treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Arnica - a colorful plant used to treat swelling, bruises, and pain
  • Jasmine & camphor - promotes skin elasticity and collagen production while reducing inflammation
  • All-natural CBD - full-spectrum extract in your serving size of choice (400mg/640mg/800mg) 

Receptra Naturals CBD Pet Oil

Like us, our animal friends have an endocannabinoid system too! It activates in the same way ours does. This means, your fur baby can natually enjoy the same sense of wellness and calmness that we do. Try Receptra Naturals CBD Pet Oil during thunderstorms, firework displays, or other tough times for an anxious or high-strung pet.

Treat your pet to the same high-quality CBD contained across Receptra Naturals whole lineup. Single 16mg servings are best for smaller pets under 40 pounds, while the 25mg formula is best for larger animals. You can feed this directly to your pet or place some drops in their food.

This CBD Pet Oil has just two ingredients:

  • MCT Oil - higher in fatty acid than normal to support muscle growth, joint health, and other benefits
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract - the same quality CBD in their extracts for humans

Receptra Naturals Capsules
Receptra Naturals CBD Capsules Banner

Receptra Naturals Capsules are a convenient way to take CBD without relying on edibles or smoke. Each bottle contains 30 soft gel caps for easy consumption. Soft gelatin and MCT oil protect organic hemp extract to deliver 25mg of CBD through your digestive system. They come in two varieties. Relax is a minimal, straightforward, 2-ingredient CBD capsule without any additives. And Rest is Receptra Naturals nighttime formula loaded with all-natural sleep aids. 

Some ingredients in Rest CBD Gel Capsule are: 

  • Linalool - a terpene that imparts a floral flavor which may also have a sedative effect 
  • Chamomile - a flower used as a traditional sleep aid and relaxant
  • Valerian root - an herbal remedy for insomnia and anxiety
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract - 25mg of CBD

Receptra Naturals CBD Body Oil

Receptra Naturals CBD Body Oil Banner

This organic body oil by Receptra Naturals is packed full of nourishment for your skin. The herbal blend of jojoba, arnica, and camphor moisturizes, reduces inflammation, and maintains elasticity for your skin. Vanilla and lavender essential oils deliver a fragrant, warm, and refreshing scent. This body oil is a particularly great treat for your skin after a hot shower. 

The bottle contains 200mg of CBD mixed with organic ingredients. Pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and caress this blend across your body for a soothing way to promote healthy skin.

This CBD body oil contains:

  • Lavender - moisturizes skin and prevents blackheads 
  • Vitamin E - an antioxidant and healing agent for the skin
  • Jojoba and camphor - relieves inflammation, itchiness, and irritation
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract - 200mg of high-quality CBD per bottle

What CBD Emporium Execs Say About Receptra Naturals

“Receptra Naturals is a titan in the CBD industry. They have been creating the best products from the very start by owning their own supply chain. What does that mean? The strain selection, hemp farmers, extraction, formulation, and every single botanical contained in their products are all painstakingly crafted for quality. During our vetting process, Receptra Naturals stood above the rest and really delivered the best effects that the hemp plant has to offer. Time and time again we find Receptra Naturals getting stellar reviews because of their caring approach and uncompromising quality. Receptra Naturals’ philosophy really has created a brand that delivers the full wellness-promoting potential of hemp. That’s something we here at CBD Emporium stand behind. Receptra is perfect for anyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors and everything in between. Even grandma and grandpa can find something to love! You’re sure to find an ideal fit for your lifestyle in Receptra Naturals. We love seeing our customer reviews too. They've got easy-to-understand benefits from rest to relaxation to relief that resonate with customers. Honest people of all walks of life appreciate these uses of the hemp plant. And Receptra’s right there with you. Receptra Natural products really work and they work well.” 

- Andrew Young, VP of Product Management

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