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Learn About CBD Drinks & Beverages

If you think one drink is just like another, it is time to rethink your attitude about drinks and beverages. Water, the foundation from which every beverage is made, represents the essence of all living things, with water comprising up to 90% of the body weight in some organisms. For adult humans, water represents as much as 60% of our body weight, with certain of our organs extra rich with fluids: the brain and heart masses include 73% water, while our lungs contain approximately 83% water.  

Because of the importance of hydration, we at CBD Emporium are super-excited about our amazing, healthy, and delicious line of CBD drinks and beverages. While running our three-tiered due diligence process (which involves third party testing, a thorough brand background check, and complete product vetting), we were particularly interested and excited to see how various CBD drinks and beverages would perform. Even better, we were thrilled to uncover some incredible liquid CBD products which not only deliver CBD and other cannabinoids effectively, but also adds other fantastic natural nutrients from other plant materials to these amazing drinks and beverages. We are further excited and curious to see what the future has in store for us CBD enthusiasts in the way of CBD drinks and beverages, as we continue researching and expanding this section.

The Benefits of Imbibing CBD Drinks and Beverages

There are so many ways to consume CBD to experience its benefits, but delivering CBD to your system through drinks and beverages provides specific benefits, such as:

  • Avoid Side Effects - no need to bother with prescription drugs with strong side effects and potential addiction, since few CBD users experience any side effects, and those that do find the few side effects modest and manageable 
  • Clear Head - by using CBD, you can establish a wellness program which does not involve getting high; this means you can remain focused and productive even while enjoying the positive health effects of CBD
  • Healthier Lungs - folks who prefer keeping their lungs as clear as possible will pass on vaporizing or smoking hemp materials, with CBD drinks and beverages offering a pleasurable method for delivering the important cannabinoids you want without stress on your lungs
  • Overall CBD Relief - by taking full and broad-spectrum CBD drinks and beverages, the "entourage effect" offers the potential to alleviate concerns such as:
    • Anxiety
    • Bowel Diseases
    • Depression
    • Inflammation
    • Insomnia
    • Migraines
    • Nausea
    • Pain
    • Psychosis or mental disorders
  • Various Taste Sensations - as our line of CBD drinks and beverages expands, so too your taste preferences and favorite drinks will broaden to include more flavors and styles

    The CBD drinks and beverages we assess have an extra hurdle to pass, as we are not only evaluating the content and quality of the CBD in the product but are also evaluating all other ingredients to ensure the product, as a whole, is manufactured using contents and plant materials which are natural and healthy, and earning extra points for organic and non-GMO products.  

    Types of CBD Drinks and Beverages

    At CBD Emporium, our ever-expanding inventory of quality CBD drinks and beverages currently includes the following delicious and nutritious products... 

    CBD Coffees and Teas

    Connoisseurs of coffees and teas are diving deep into our fantastic selection of brews and blends both hot and cold. Many coffee drinkers claim their experience with CBD coffee has transformed their commitment to only include java with a CBD boost; for many, the addition of CBD works perfectly to even out the unsettling rattle which caffeine can instigate. To start your day, wind down your evening, or get a mid-day bump, you want these CBD coffees and teas on your counter for ready access and use:

    • Brio - no need to use plain creamers for your CBD coffee; instead choose either a hazelnut or vanilla creamer infused with broad spectrum CBD
    • Crazy Calm - these delicious Crazy Calm Insta-Coffee Sachets use 20mg CBD to temper the 78mg caffeine in each cup
    • Performance Tea - hot or cold, these teas mix as fast as you can shake a water bottle; choose from one of three incredible tea blends: Recovery, Revive, or Snooze in either a 420mg jar or handy 20mg packets
    • Sun God Medicinals - their Organic Panacea Cold & Flu Tea is powerful enough to halt a flu in its tracks, while their preventative Organic Panacea Immune Defense Tea offers the ultimate in viral protection by upping your immune system

      We aren't resting on our laurels after having hunted up these excellent brews and blends; rest assured that our quest to expand our current line remains active and earnest, so be sure to revisit this section regularly to find new additions worthy of your consumption!

      CBD Waters and Sparkling Beverages

      We also have waters and flavored drinks, all designed to refresh and rejuvenate. Of course, with the infusion of CBD in these different drinks, you will find these beverages extra refreshing and rejuvenating. So far, our lineup of quality CBD waters and sparkling beverages include:

        Rest assured, as with our CBD coffees and teas section, this category remains an important and evolving work in progress, so we encourage you to bookmark our growing selection of CBD drinks and beverages to make revisiting easier.

        Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Drinks and Beverages

        We have already compiled a list of questions we commonly receive, along with our standard answers, to save you even more time in learning about CBD drinks and beverages, and how they can improve your lifestyle and well-being.

        Which is Better: CBD Tinctures or CBD Drinks and Beverages?

        It is not a matter of better but a matter of differences between CBD tinctures and CBD drinks and beverages. Most people opt for tinctures as their starting and ending treatments for their day, with other applications when needed (such as when a particularly stressful situation unexpectedly arises). On the other hand, people who imbibe CBD drinks and beverages are often including them in their meals or as part of their mid-morning or mid-afternoon refreshments. The fact is that, once people discover the pleasure and benefits of CBD drinks and beverages, it becomes an addition to their CBD regimen, not a replacement of other CBD treatments. In our opinion what is better is a judicious combination of CBD tinctures and CBD drinks and beverages throughout your day.

        Aren't CBD Tinctures, CBD Drinks, and CBD Beverages the Same?

        There are many differences between tinctures, drinks, and beverages. While drinks and beverages fall into the same general category, tinctures are entirely different, even though all three are made of liquid. A tincture is a medicine or treatment produced by dissolving drugs or compounds in an alcohol preparation, which means that CBD tinctures will carry a high concentration of CBD per application (a little bit goes a long way!). In contrast, CBD drinks and beverages are used just as we enjoy our various drinks throughout the day: for refreshment, flavor, and hydration. So, what is the difference between drinks and beverages? Beverages include every type of liquid prepared for consumption except for plain water: drinks are any liquids you swallow, including water, making all beverages drinks but not all drinks beverages (like the fact all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are square).

        Will CBD Drinks and Beverages Get Me High?

        The bottom-line answer to your question is, no, CBD drinks and beverages will not and cannot make you high. This doesn't mean that all of our CBD products are THC-free (the psychoactive compound found in larger quantities in cannabis plants as compared to hemp plants), but because hemp plants do not contain more than 0.3% of THC content, this amount is insufficient to cause any sort of high or otherwise impair your thinking or emotions. You will notice as you review our growing line of CBD drinks and beverages that some are manufactured using full spectrum CBD which includes less than 0.3% THC. If you are concerned about THC showing up in drug tests, the likelihood is low but no one can guarantee you can pass every drug test if you have full spectrum CBD in your system (not all drug tests are alike, with some more likely to identify THC in your system). You can opt out of full spectrum CBD products and instead choose CBD isolate or broad spectrum products which are 100% THC-free (for more information on the differences between CBD types, we recommend the following article: What Is the Difference Between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum CBD?). 

        Do CBD Drinks and Beverages Take Long to Work? 

        When consuming CBD through drinks and beverages, you should allow at least 30 minutes to start feeling the effects of the CBD in your system; this is because the CBD must pass through your digestive system before it reaches the bloodstream. Regular users of CBD products find their system generally responds faster and more noticeably than newer users, sometimes in less than 15 minutes.

        How Long Can CBD Drinks and Beverages Remain Effective?

        The duration of effects varies greatly between different products. For instance, our line of Performance Teas includes Snooze, which is designed to aid you in a fuller night's sleep. Also, Sun God Medicinals offers two teas, Panacea Cold & Flu and Panacea Immune Defense, both of which also provide long-lasting relief and effects. These longer-term effects are made possible through different strengths and types of CBD, combined with the other natural healing ingredients harvested from other plants. Even our mildest CBD drinks and beverages are made to produce effects which last for a few hours at the minimum.

        How Much CBD Do I Need in a Drink or Beverage?

        By its very nature, CBD is highly effective, meaning you do not need a lot to get the results you want. The real beauty behind our incredible and satisfying line of CBD drinks and beverages is they were developed and produced with specific strengths which have shown to work well for the public. This means most of our CBD drinks and beverages are already portioned out in cans, packets, and sachets intended to deliver an accurate strength of CBD in either full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate formats. We recommend consuming a standard amount as suggested by the manufacturer and, if after 15 or 30 minutes you feel you could benefit by some more CBD, have another drink. The best news of all is you cannot overdose on CBD; with all the refreshing flavors and strengths we carry, that is good news indeed as some CBD drinks and beverages are simply irresistible!

        Do You Have CBD Drinks and Beverages for Every Occasion?

        We have made every possible effort to stock our shelves with the highest quality CBD drinks and beverages without sacrificing our strict standards. The result is an excellent array of CBD drinks and beverages intended to accompany any possible occasion you may encounter, both special and regular. For establishing a good start to your day, we offer both coffee (with CBD creamers) and teas as our foundation. We also carry plain, flavored, and sparkling waters which match up well to most situations throughout your day. You can even boost your cocktail hour and create your own wine spritzers by combining your favorite wine with our hemp-infused sparkling waters by Ablis and TranQuini.   

        We trust this FAQ gives you a good start to answering your important questions but this doesn't mean our doors are closed to other questions you have or communications you want to make: if you have browsed our online area of CBD drink and beverages and find yourself simmering with more questions, we invite you to visit one of our many retail outlets where you can talk with one of our informed staffers, or use our online contact form to reach out to us.