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Premium Jane CBD Bath Bombs - 50mg


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The Trusted Lab Isolate CBD Intimate Oil


Calluna Labs Ultra-Clarifying CBD Face Oil - 200mg, 1oz


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Learn About CBD Bath and Body

There is one thing better than a body with smooth skin, which is a smooth-skinned body which is equally vibrant and healthy within. That is precisely the goal when using our exquisite line of CBD bath and body products, and the best news of all is that such a goal is not only easily attainable but the journey there is pleasurable and gratifying. If only all our goals were so easily aligned with the comforts we so readily seek!

The Multi-Faceted Benefits of CBD Bath and Body Treatments

At CBD Emporium, we never cease being amazed at the variety of ailments, discomforts, and other conditions which CBD can alter for the better, including:

  • Battle Eczema and Psoriasis¬†- both of these conditions cause rashes, itching, and dry skin, all of which CBD admirably counters
  • Combat Aging¬†- forget surgery to slow or reverse signs of aging and use CBD instead, an ideal and powerful antioxidant
  • Diminish Wrinkles¬†- a sign of free-radical damage running amok, CBD and its anti-inflammatory powers can soften or even eliminate wrinkles
  • Fight Acne¬†- CBD demonstrates a remarkable ability to reduce sebum production, also acting as an effective bacterial fighter, resulting in less acne
  • Glowing Skin¬†- because CBD has sunscreen properties and can be used on even sensitive skin, it both nourishes and protects your skin¬†
  • Heal Minor Cuts and Burns¬†- certain terpenes, like linalool, have cooling properties which CBD uses to relieve burns, while its antifungal properties heal small wounds heal faster
  • Improved Intimacy¬†- couples and partners are reaching new heights of intimacy by using CBD oils and lotions intended to enhance and magnify erotic encounters and pleasures
  • Smoother Skin¬†- the ability of cannabinoids to amplify and enhance natural skin softeners means a faster path to soft and smooth skin

This partial list only points to effects which benefit external areas of your body; even when you use CBD body and bath treatments, the important cannabinoids in the products we have selected penetrate beneath the surface of your skin, where these important compounds connect with your endocannabinoid system (an important molecular system which manages a variety of processes in our bodies, such as memory, appetite, moods, immune response, and more as researchers continue studying the ever-expanding benefits of CBD). So while you will look and feel better through regular use of CBD bath and body treatments, the effects are not just skin deep but radiates down to the very core of your body and mind, helping to restore balance and recover depleted energy.

Browse Our Various CBD Bath and Body Products

We continue to scour the marketplace in search of the best quality and most effective CBD bath and body products and have already built an impressive and exciting line of products for you. Be sure to regularly revisit these categories, as we continue to uncover and offer new products designed to elevate your body, mind, and spirit to new realms and heights:

  • CBD Body Oils¬†- this includes such indulgences as our Sun God massage oils (Aja,¬†Heka,¬†Hercules, and¬†Hypnos, each offering a different effect), intimacy oils like Ananda Hemp's¬†Full Spectrum Bliss Intimate Oil¬†or SOLA CBD's¬†Passion Personal Lubricant, and¬†body butters
  • CBD Creams¬†- treat your body to our luxuriant line of rich CBD creams from the CBD Emporium brand of relief creams (such as the¬†1000mg full spectrum¬†cream¬†in varying fragrances), the popular line of Kurativ CBD/CBG creams and balms (both¬†isolate¬†and¬†full spectrum,¬†menthol¬†or¬†unscented,¬†825mg¬†or¬†3300mg), two broad spectrum creams by Brio (regular¬†and¬†Drift, with melatonin), and¬†Relyf Isolate CBD Cream
  • CBD Oral Hygiene¬†- keeping breath clean and your teeth and gums healthy just got an exciting boost with¬†ORL Care CBD Mouthwash,¬†ORL Care CBD Toothpaste,¬†Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder, and¬†Primal Life Organics Gum Serum
  • CBD Roll-Ons¬†- always popular thanks to its convenience and easy application, we offer roll-on products by¬†Ananda Hemp,¬†Brio,¬†Koi CBD,¬†Relyf, and SOLA CBD (menthol¬†or¬†lavender)¬†
  • CBD Soaps¬†- keep your eyes on this section, as we have several CBD soaps near the final stage of our due diligence process and look forward to sharing our discoveries with you

Our CBD bath and body category continues growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the positive interest and increasing demand for these kinds of products, so be certain to bookmark this page and return regularly to watch this section expand with more new quality products in the near future.

Using CBD Bath and Body Products

Except for the CBD oral hygiene products we carry, our line of CBD bath and body treatments are all specialized forms of topical treatments. One reason you will appreciate topical treatments is the immediate effect you feel as the product is being applied, along with the longer term effects that are released over time. Of course, because of the various strengths and intended uses, each product performs differently; this is great news because it gives you, the discerning CBD shopper, more nuanced selections from which to choose, meaning a greater likelihood you will find products that align perfectly with your preferences and needs.

Many CBD enthusiasts separate their CBD bath and body products into regular and special use sections. Items like the CBD creams, toothpaste and mouthwash become part of their daily health and wellness regimens, while they save other products such as massage and intimate oils for special occasions and treats. We are not at all surprised, and actually quite pleased, to see so many of our customers embracing CBD as an integral aspect of their well-being life choices, and consequently are "all in" with CBD, using tinctures, edibles, beverages, and even elevating their pet care program in tandem with establishing an ideal skin and body care routine. With CBD products, we are all learning there is no limit to the ways in which we can add CBD to our daily habits and special situations, which has opened up many creative avenues for new uses and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our CBD Bath and Body Products

To save you time, we have anticipated and answered the most common questions we receive concerning CBD bath and body products.

Is There THC in Your CBD Bath and Body Products and, If So, Will I Fail a Drug Test?

We carry a wide variety of CBD bath and body products, some of which are manufactured with full spectrum CBD that uses all the cannabinoids found within the hemp plant; this includes traces amounts (less than 0.3%) of THC that may appear on certain more stringent drug tests. However, topical CBD treatments do not enter your bloodstream, meaning if the drug test involves a blood sample, no THC would appear in the results. Regardless, the minor amount of THC found in full spectrum CBD products is not sufficient to make you high. (For a better understanding of the various kinds of CBD, we recommend this article: What Is the Difference Between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum CBD?)

Do Many People Use CBD Bath and Body Products?

From our experience monitoring sales of different categories, we have indeed noticed a spectacular increase in interest and use of CBD bath and body products. We attribute this to several factors:

  • CBD Acceptance¬†- compared to even a couple of years ago, we are finding CBD products popping up in more retail outlets
  • CBD Demand¬†- based partly on the tragedy of nationwide opioid abuse and addiction, more people are flocking to safer health alternatives¬†
  • CBD Popularity¬†- now that everyone sees its versatility and growing uses, new products appear on shelves with regularity

We also attribute the growing interest in CBD bath and body products to the increasing familiarity of CBD and other healing cannabinoids by regular users; it appears that regular use of CBD products better attunes people to its presence and effects, finding results more noticeable and effective.

What Is the Best Use for CBD Massage Oils?

One of the reasons we are so excited about our line of CBD massage oils is the fact that there are multiple uses for these exquisite and unique oils. This results in various final effects, such as soothing jangled nerves, relaxing taut muscles, creating calm moods, or preparing for a deep night's sleep. Now people can choose which mood will most satisfy them during their massage session. Many professional masseurs and masseuses offer specialized CBD massages, with regular customers mentioning what a noticeable difference CBD massage oils make. Others who enjoy massages as part of their wellness regimen stock their own supply of massage oils that they have their masseur or masseuse use in place of their normal massage oil. Finally, many couples are now establishing weekly massage sessions, where they take turns treating each other to the massage oil of their choice.  

Are CBD Oral Hygiene Products Just a Fad?

Not at all! Dental care is a stressful problem for many people suffering from a variety of ailments including sensitive teeth, tender gums, toothaches, and bad breath, just for starters. Using a CBD mouthwash is an excellent way to reduce inflammation of gums while freshening the breath, and our toothpaste or tooth powder is gentle on sensitive teeth while still cleaning them of food and bacteria. Many customers have thanked us for discovering such wonderful CBD Oral Hygiene products that have made their dental care easier and less painful.

Does Using a Daily CBD Face Cream Really Help?

Absolutely! Thanks to its many benefits, using a CBD face cream as part of your daily routine will help to keep your face looking younger with fewer wrinkles. Those who battle acne conditions certainly find relief and fewer problems, thanks to CBD's anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to limit the amount of sebum occurring in facial pores. Another important benefit is that CBD is an effective sunscreen, making your exposure to sunlight less harmful and damaging. Finally, using a moisturizer daily on your face makes sense, while using a CBD face cream goes beyond good sense... it's a brilliant way to give your face the preferential treatment it deserves!

If you did not find your question and answer listed above, worry not! We invite you to contact us online, or better yet, invite you to visit one of our many retail outlets to look at our products firsthand and ask our technicians any and all questions which you may have.