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Kao Naturals

Nature’s expression of wellness.
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Brand Highlights

  • Kao Naturals CBD offers a product line with both broad and full-spectrum options.
  • All Kao Naturals products are made in a CGMP facility for maximum efficiency. 
  • Kao Naturals CBD supports optimal health and wellness for their customers.
  • Kao Naturals CBD company offers both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options.
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Kao Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, Tropical


Kao Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, Raw


Kao Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, Dragon Fruit


Learn About This Company

Kao Naturals

Introducing to you—a premium CBD product line unlike any other—Kao Naturals! 

Kao Naturals CBD company goes above and beyond the call of duty, providing a natural solution that supports optimal health and wellness for their customers. If you’re currently on the hunt for a CBD brand that sells out-of-this-world tinctures, capsules, and creams, there’s no need to keep searching. You’ll find all of that and more when you join forces with Kao Naturals and allow their CBD products to change your life the way they were designed to. 

Kao Naturals is absolutely an organization that is invested in you and your wellness. They believe in the magical powers of CBD and promote the elevated lifestyle that comes along with it. Referring to the manufacturing of their CBD products as “creating nature’s expression of wellness” Kao Naturals maintains pharmaceutical quality production practices utilizing the highest quality ingredients to ensure the highest quality end product. 

Manufacturing these life-altering CBD products within a CGMP facility allows for peace of mind for every customer. CGMP stands for current good manufacturing practices. These regulations are put in place and enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making sure that each company proceeds with strong quality management systems, rigid operating procedures, and keeping reliable testing labs. This type of rigorous system of accountability adds strength to an already exemplary CBD brand. Creating product from a CGMP facility also establishes a well-earned sense of trust and credibility between the customer and the brand, which always goes a long way in this industry. 

Not wanting to exclude anyone, Kao Naturals offers a selection of CBD products which includes both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum varieties alike, to provide options and choices during the purchase process.

Read on to learn more details about the CBD Emporium selection of Kao Naturals!

The CBD Emporium Selection of Kao Naturals Products

The CBD Emporium team works diligently to properly investigate and fully vet the brands we partner with before bringing them onboard. This is because we care about delivering only the best of the best to our customers, and let’s face it, not everyone in this industry can be trusted. But the lab results don’t lie! Kao Naturals easily passed our three staged due diligence process which includes verifying the company lab reports, running a brand background check, and the final vetting process. One thing that stands out about their product line is they offer a deliciously potent tincture containing 5000mg/ 1oz bottle. This is sure to be a treat for the more experienced users to try out! 


Kao Naturals CBD Tinctures

The line of tinctures from Kao Naturals is certainly full of fun flavors and options galore. These sublingual CBD tinctures are a vegan and gluten free premium blend of hemp extracts and natural flavors. The ingredients within these formulations may work together to support homeostasis within the body, promoting wellness and supporting good health. 

Why should you care about homeostasis? Because in the absence of homeostasis our bodies remain imbalanced and function in a hindered manner. Homeostasis is the term that refers to the state of steady conditions within the body which contributes to optimal functioning. When homeostasis is in balance, you perform at your very best! 

With 30 servings in each bottle, these sublingual tinctures are available in 500,1000, 1500, and 2500 mg potencies for you to choose from. Whether you’re new to CBD tinctures and want to start with a lower potency or are a seasoned pro and ready to take on 2500 mg, the best part about it is you have the option to choose. 

These natural CBD tinctures are available in 3 different flavors being:

  • Kao Naturals Tropical 
  • Kao Naturals Dragon Fruit
  • Kao Naturals Raw 

All 3 of these incredible flavors of tinctures come in a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum formulation according to what works best for you.

The main ingredients for the Kao Naturals Tinctures are as follows:

  • Hemp extract - either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum
  • MCT oils - medium chain triglycerides for fast and easy absorption by the body
  • Natural flavoring - Tropical, Dragon Fruit, or Raw

Tinctures can be used in a couple different ways depending on personal preference and the desired effects at hand. The most often cited way tinctures are used is sublingually via dropper under the tongue. This allows for absorption through the mucous membranes located in the mouth and soon after the effects can be felt. There’s also the option to swallow the tincture directly, however this means it will take longer to feel the effects, as now the tincture must be broken down by the body before being deposited into the bloodstream. The beauty of these tinctures with Kao Naturals is, the varieties and options are plentiful, allowing you to decide what’s best for yourself. 

CBD Capsules

Kao Naturals CBD Capsules

Many people prefer capsules to tinctures, and if you’re one of those people, fear not, for there’s something else in the lineup you might be interested in. 

That’s right, these CBD Capsules by Kao Naturals are made special just for you, containing additional herbs for joint support. Every capsule is 100% CBD isolate and contains absolutely no percentage of THC. For the sake of maintaining quality and that sense of transparency between brand and consumer, these capsules have been third-party lab tested and 100% safe for consumption.

The main ingredients used in the Kao Naturals Isolate CBD capsules are as follows:

  • Calcium fructoborate - salt of an organoboron compound containing boron
  • Turmeric root extract - turmeric is a very potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
  • Boswellia serrata extract - often used in the manufacture of medicine for arthritis, joint pain, and swelling of tendons
  • White willow bark extract - bark extract from the willow tree that mimics the effects of aspirin
  • Hemp oil extract powder - hemp oil extract in powder form
  • Black pepper fruit extract - clinically studied for its ability to enhance the bioavailability of the nutrients present

    NOTE: To learn more about the best uses, different types, and benefits of CBD capsules check out this information!

    Soothing Cream

    Kao Naturals CBD Creams

    Are you suffering in silence from muscles that seem to be screaming at you? Thanks to Kao Natural’s high quality Soothing CBD Cream, your muscles can now feel relief fast. This proprietary blend of ingredients combines some of nature's long-time proven ingredients with the undeniable benefits of CBD, creating a recipe for the solution we’ve all been waiting for. 

    Infused with premium quality full-spectrum hemp oil extract, this Soothing CBD Cream will knock your socks off and dissolve your discomfort.

    • Full-spectrum hemp oil extract - pure extract from the hemp plant which includes many cannabinoids and terpenes alike
    • MCT - medium chain triglycerides are usually added to skin cream products to allow for maximum absorption for moisture
    • Organic aloe leaf juice - gooey thick liquid produced from the aloe vera plant commonly used in many skin topical applications
    • Witch hazel - genus of flowering plants used to soothe irritated skin
    • Mixture of essential oils - peppermint essential oil, wild oregano essential oil, lemongrass essential oil and others.

      It’s true, there are many CBD creams available on the market today. But we guarantee the Soothing CBD Cream manufactured by Kao Naturals is sure to be a cut above the rest. Snag your order today and find out for yourself!

      What CBD Emporium Execs Say About Kao Naturals

      “Kao Natural’s line of tinctures, topicals, and capsules have been a fantastic addition to the product landscape here at CBD Emporium. They’ve created a phenomenal expression of mother nature’s hemp plant, providing the means toward a movement for optimal health and wellness. These products are a natural solution for consumers wanting to experience the natural benefits of hemp and CBD. The innovative flavor profiles of their tinctures are fan-favorites here at CBD Emporium and the effects are quite notable. The strength options for Kao Naturals product line come in a wide range, all the way up to the potency of 5000mg in a 1oz tincture!”

      - Andrew Young, VP of Product Management

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      At CBD Emporium, our focus continues to be centered towards the lifeblood of our business: our clients both online and in person. To this end, we invite you to reach out to us, either by contacting us online or visiting one of our many retail outlets.

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      At CBD Emporium, our main goal is to scour the CBD marketplace to uncover only the absolute best manufacturers of CBD products. By using this ethical and logical approach, we have built (and continue to grow) our emporium devoted to all things CBD. As part of our commitment to identifying top CBD producers, and in the spirit of transparency with which we operate, we want to share with you, our valued clients, what exactly caught our attention about the various companies we have approved and whose products we carry for your consideration and use.

      Need Something Else?

      At CBD Emporium, our focus continues to be centered towards the lifeblood of our business: our clients both online and in person. To this end, we invite you to reach out to us, either by contacting us online or visiting one of our many retail outlets.
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