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Learn About CBD Capsules

The Benefits of CBD Capsules

Consider these important factors and you will better understand why so many users of hemp products are flocking to CBD capsules:

  • Accurate Measurements¬†- for those desiring to ingest precise amounts, nothing beats CBD capsules for ensuring that, if you want a 25 mg treatment, you get that exact measurement
  • Discretion¬†- capsules are easy to carry in small containers or pillboxes
  • Easy Storage¬†- no special instructions or needs, such as refrigerating your capsules, means you don't have to create a special space for your CBD capsules, instead of keeping them with your prescriptions, supplements, and vitamins and carrying them with you
  • Extended-Release¬†- effects from Extended-Release CBD capsules last longer than other CBD products because of their ability to extend the release of their valuable compounds over time
  • Immediate-Release¬†(Faster Acting)¬†- in contrast to tablets, capsules dissolve quicker in the stomach and enter the bloodstream faster, meaning you can achieve the results you want in a shorter time
  • Inventory Management¬†- compared to most other CBD products, such as tinctures, lotions, balms, drinks, and powders, it's easy to keep track of your current inventory, so you never run out of your favorite CBD products
  • Taste-Free¬†- some users of CBD oil products find the taste to be bitter, which is not an issue when taking CBD capsules, which are tasteless and odorless¬†

These reasons alone have been enough to help undecided users take their first step; most people agree that CBD capsules are an excellent introduction to CBD products because capsules are familiar (we've all taken them since we were kids) and can be measured with great accuracy. 

Types of CBD Capsules

In comparison with other CBD products, you will find CBD capsules to be incredibly versatile in their uses. At CBD Emporium, we give extra special attention to our ever-growing line of CBD capsules, all with the intention of ensuring you are provided with an adequate selection of CBD capsules of various strengths and types. As with every kind of CBD product, each CBD capsule offered by CBD Emporium has first cleared our important due diligence process involving third-party testing of the products, a thorough background check of the brand, and a final, vigorous vetting process. It's not easy to pass these three requirements, but this ensures you, the customer, can rely on the quality of the CBD products you purchase from us.

 When it comes to the amount of CBD included in each capsule, you can choose from the following strengths:

  • 15 mg CBD¬†- perfect for beginners; also ideal to begin the day or wind down at bedtime
  • 20 mg CBD¬†- great for the regular CBD user; also delivers an extra burst of CBD ¬†if needed
  • 25 mg CBD¬†- excellent for experienced CBD users; also works well when presented with stressful situations¬†

Beyond strengths, you can choose between traditional capsules or softgels, which are typically easier to swallow. Softgels offer a longer shelf life due to the gelatin casing; since CBD can be extracted as either a powder (in isolate form) or oil, both of these types are used in the manufacture of CBD capsules. 

Finally, we carry full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD oil capsules. These three types of CBD oil cover the needs of almost all CBD users; in fact, many of our clients use a combination of these three types to achieve the effects they are seeking. If you are not certain about the differences, we recommend our article which explains these three CBD types in fuller detail.

Best Uses for CBD Capsules

Our most dedicated CBD customers would declare that any situation serves as another positive use for CBD capsules. We tend to agree with this sentiment, but we have also received lots of feedback and have offered some advice as to specific and best uses for CBD capsules as a starting reference point.

Even regular CBD capsule users are encouraged to review this list, as they may uncover an idea they had not yet considered. For those wondering what the best uses for CBD capsules may be, try the following:

  • Awakening¬†- as part of your morning routine, a CBD capsule can help clear your mind and boost your energy
  • Meals¬†- we eat because our energy has been consumed and is lagging, meaning another excellent time for another CBD capsule¬†
  • Exercise¬†- many people use CBD capsules at the start of their exercise program, feeling it helps them stay focused on their workout
  • Meditation¬†- people who regularly meditate swear by the calming and soothing effects they experience by adding a CBD capsule
  • Work¬†- if your focus is lagging in the middle of the workday, you may find a CBD capsule helps you get back on track
  • Relaxation¬†- when your mind won't stop racing at the end of a particularly busy day, try a CBD capsule to better let go
  • Nocturnal¬†- those who suffer from insomnia claim they fall and stay asleep better with a nightly CBD capsule treatment

For many of our satisfied customers, using hemp oil products, especially CBD capsules, has become such an ingrained part of their lives and routines that it is considered for many other needs as they arise. In our opinion, the ultimate best use of CBD capsules is a consistent use and regimen to capitalize on all the unexpected benefits people realize through regular consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Capsules

Because of our dedication and commitment to CBD capsules and our growing base of customers, we do our best to answer all your questions and address all your concerns. To give you a good start, we have compiled this FAQ, which anticipates and answers questions about CBD capsules commonly received from our customers.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Capsules to Take Effect?

When taking CBD capsules, you should allow as much as 90 minutes before it takes full effect. That being said, many regular users can feel the onset of effects within 30 minutes after swallowing a CBD capsule. As with most things CBD, the effects vary greatly between users. If you expect it to take 90 minutes to gain its benefits, and it comes earlier, so much the better!

How Often Should I Take CBD Capsules?

Most experienced users say a CBD capsule will last between six and eight hours, so if you are benefiting from the CBD effects, you may wish to "refuel" two or three times a day. If you are experiencing an unusually stressful day, feel free to take another capsule for possible calming and soothing effects. However, we do recommend following a regular schedule as a general practice.

What's the Difference Between CBD Capsules and CBD Softgels?

Generally, a CBD capsule contains dry ingredients while CBD softgels hold liquid contents. Both dry and liquid CBD ingredients can be equally effective, assuming similar strengths and types (full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate). Many customers feel that softgels are easier to swallow, but rest assured that all of our CBD capsules and softgels are easy to swallow, ingest and deliver similar positive results.

How Effective Are CBD Capsules?

Many of our clients find CBD capsules to be amazingly effective in meeting their wellness needs and fitting into their wellness regimen. From countless independent studies we have reviewed and regular feedback from our own clients, we believe a regularly scheduled program for consuming your CBD products, including CBD capsules, is ideal and should be planned out in advance for the best possible results.

How Should I Take a CBD Capsule?

Because they are tasteless and easy on the stomach, you can swallow a CBD capsule with a drink of water. However, feel free to enjoy your favorite beverage, be it coffee, tea, juice, or even wine, because CBD capsules go down well with any drink without complications or known counter effects.

What Can I Try Besides CBD Capsules?

Many users prefer CBD capsules because they are familiar and hassle-free. As the industry continues to expand, you will find more methods for consuming CBD, including these ways:

  • Tincture¬†- also popular, our¬†line of tinctures¬†are easy to measure and use sublingually
  • Topical¬†- great for focusing on specific sore spots, our¬†creams and lotions¬†deliver CBD where it is most needed
  • Edible¬†- ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth while treating your body to quality CBD, our¬†gummies¬†are the perfect answer¬†
  • Drinks¬†- what better way to quench your thirst than with our¬†drinks¬†while also drenching your body in CBD
  • Vapes¬†- infinitely better and more effective than smoking, our¬†various vape pens¬†produce different mood effects for our customers¬†

As always, at CBD Emporium, we only select the finest CBD products after they have successfully cleared our rigorous, three-faceted evaluation process, which involves an independent third-party testing process, a thorough brand background check, and an in-depth vetting process. We do the work you cannot do practically, with the intention of saving you money and avoiding disappointment by ending up with an inferior product. 

Should I Take Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or Isolate CBD Capsules?

We recognize that different customers have different needs or concerns, which is why you will find all three types of CBD capsules at CBD Emporium: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD capsules. Briefly, the differences between the three types are as follows:

  • Full Spectrum¬†- this process extracts all the phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant¬†including¬†the minor traces (less than 0.3%) of THC
  • Broad Spectrum¬†- this process extracts all the phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant¬†excepting¬†the minor traces (less than 0.3%) of THC
  • Isolate¬†- this process extracts¬†only¬†cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant

If you want more detailed explanations for things like phytocannabinoids and cannabidiol, we invite you to read our informative article explaining the differences between full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD.

As always, our online support is always ready to respond to your requests or other questions, so never hesitate to contact us. Likewise, we would love to see you in person in any of our many CBD Store locations in the United States to shop CBD Capsules near you! Our CBD Consultants can guide your purchase and you can view our quality products firsthand.