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CBD 101 Workshops ... Every Week

CBD 101 – Free In-Person Seminar

Cannabinoid science is young (the endo-cannibanoid system was discovered in the early 90s). We know it is confusing and we know it takes a patient guide to help you find out how CBD may assist you.

CBD Emporium employs patient, kind, and understanding CBD Consultants whose sole mission is to inform, educate, and guide you through this realm of cannabinoid confusion.  On average, our CBD Consultants spend 20 minutes working with their clients.  If you are one of those clients who wants to understand CBD at a deeper level before you make a serious investment in your health and wellness, then CBD Emporium has a free workshop that can help you. 

Join us at CBD Emporium's weekly seminar – CBD 101. This is a great opportunity for you to dive into the fundamentals and nuances of CBD, including the effects, interactions, and most up to date research on CBD and related cannabinoids. We look forward to seeing you at the CBD Emporium closest to you. Our free seminars are every Wednesday night throughout the year.

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