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A science-backed brand featuring some of the most precisely crafted CBD products in the industry.
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Brand Highlights

  • Dosist is all about precision from their manufacturing process, to dosing, to consistent results
  • Their “nanoblend” nano CBD technology means enhanced bioavailability and faster onset of effects
  • Dosist’s three CBD tinctures work to help specific conditions for the exact experience you’re looking for
  • Dosist harvests all their cannabinoids using an isolate extraction method to deliver one of the purest CBD brands on the market today

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Dosist is a cannabis & CBD brand that sets superb quality, consistency, and precision as the base standard of any product that hits the shelves. All of their products are designed with a specific goal in mind. Their tinctures are made for either restful sleep, pain relief, or relaxation. This makes sure their lineup is as effective as it can be for each condition. It also means you’re getting exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

Their CBD formulas use a unique approach to nano CBD called “nanoblend.” This delivery method uses nano CBD to make activation more effective with a faster-acting onset. And what is nano CBD? Just what it sounds like! Nano CBD is an extraction that results in smaller than average CBD particles. These microscopic CBD molecules are then coated with a protective barrier that delivers them in a hyper-efficient way.

Dosist uses an isolate extraction method to harvest its cannabinoids. This removes all extra plant compounds to deliver a pure product with less oil and very few ingredients. Isolate CBD is an excellent choice for those who don’t want any THC present in their tincture. If you’re looking for the purest possible active cannabinoids, you’ll want to take a closer look below at our Dosist product line. 

The CBD Emporium Selection of Dosist Products

Not just any CBD brand finds itself on CBD Emporium’s roster. Dosist earned a spot on our radar for good reason. Dosist is one of the best brands out there making pure CBD isolate formulas. 

For those looking for a THC and plant-matter free formula, Dosist delivers. Besides pure CBD, their tinctures are loaded with other helpful cannabinoids: CBN, CBG & CBC. This is a rarity in isolated extractions.

Their production process is tested at every step along the way too. Dosist makes sure each and every batch is up to industry standards at every stage of manufacturing. And before anything hits the shelves, third party labs test the products one more time. 

They look for quality and consistency, and they make sure each batch is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins. A handy QR code comes along with every item to see the results of that batch’s testing on the spot.

Our “Due Diligence” Vetting Process

These are all fantastic practices to maintain quality. But ensuring that each CBD product we carry is the real deal is everything to us here at CBD Emporium. So, we put Dosist’s tinctures through our three-stage vetting process.

First, we do a deep dive on the brand’s reputation, scouring consumer and business reports for any red flags. Second, we verify the products independent third-party lab tests. Lastly, we do a final vetting process so that nothing we wouldn’t use ourselves ends up on the site or in our stores.

As expected, Dosist passed all three stages with no problem. You can rest assured their tinctures are just what they say they are. And we’re confident you’ll love them just as much as we did.

Dosist Tinctures

Dosist Tinctures

Dosist’s CBD tinctures come in three varieties: Sleep, Relief, and Calm. You can expect the same consistent, high quality in all three. But they do have slightly different ingredients and purposes. We’ll look at each below to figure out which is best for you.

Dosist Sleep Tincture

Dosist Sleep Tinctures

First up is Dosist’s blend designed to help get a full night of restful sleep. It’s packed with 900mg of hemp extract containing 750mg of CBD and 150mg of CBN. These two cannabinoids work together for a great addition to a nighttime wind down routine. CBN is now under study for its sedative effects and has shown some promise in promoting longer sleep. 

Some ingredients in Dosist’s Sleep Tincture:

  • 900mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract - high quality hemp extracted packed with natural botanicals
  • Isolate extracted CBD - 750mg of pure CBD per bottle
  • Isolate extracted CBN - 150mg of pure CBN per bottle
  • Vitamin C - repairs bodily tissues, strengthens immune system

Dosist Relief Tincture

Dosist Relief Tincture

Next is this Dosist Tincture designed to help with minor aches and pains. Each bottle contains 900mg of broad spectrum hemp extract with both CBD and CBG. These two work in tandem to help alleviate pain. CBG is believed to reduce inflammation, relieve nausea, and may even fight the proliferation of cancer cells. 

Some ingredients in Dosist’s Relief Tincture are:

  • 900mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract - pure hemp extracted loaded with natural botanicals
  • Isolate extracted CBD - 750mg of isolate CBD per bottle
  • Isolate extracted CBG - 150mg of isolate CBG per bottle
  • Apricot kernel oil esters - believed to have detoxifying properties

Dosist Calm Tincture

Dosist Calm Tincture

Last up is this tincture designed to promote relaxation and stabilize your mood. This moderate strength formula packs 825mg of broad spectrum hemp extract along with CBD and CBG. Calm is the best choice of the three for those curious about CBD. It also works well for people without a specific goal in mind who are just interested in an overall stronger sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Some ingredients in Dosist’s Calm Tincture are:

  • 825mg of broad spectrum hemp extract - high quality hemp extract containing CBD and CBG
  • Isolate extracted CBD - 750mg of isolate CBD per bottle
  • Isolated extracted CBG - 75mg of isolate CBG per bottle
  • Essential oils - a host of natural botanicals that work together with the active cannabinoids

How to use Dosist CBD Tinctures

Dosist’s tinctures are absorbed under the tongue and in the gut. For the best results, let their nanoblend CBD enter through the sublingual tissue in your mouth before swallowing. Rub the oil around the base of your gums and under your tongue for 15 seconds to 1 minute. Then, swallow.

Sublingual delivery is the best way for tinctures to enter the body. This way it avoids stomach acids and the liver which can break down some CBD before it has a chance to go to work. You should feel the onset of effects begin after 15 minutes and last about two to three hours.

What CBD Emporium Execs Say About Dosist

“Dosist’s new line of THC-free products uses minor cannabinoids to create targeted effects for consumers looking for sleep, relief, and calm. Their balanced formulas are created with precision, easy to use, and have true cannabinoid efficiency. Their affordable products that deliver cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN really help the consumer understand how these combinations can work together for an incredible experience. Dosist has established their brand as a leader in cannabinoid science. Their high standards of precision and quality really distinguish themselves above the rest in the CBD industry.” 

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