CBD Emporium and Christown YMCA Partner to Prevent Childhood Drowning

Fundraiser using CBD for wellness promotes health and safety of inner city youth.

PHOENIX, Ariz., (June 12, 2019) – Join CBD Emporium and Legacy Foundation Christown YMCA in their partnership to promote the health and well-being of inner city youth through a new fundraising program preventing childhood drownings.

Beginning June 1, CBD Emporium will donate 50 cents from each purchase to Legacy Foundation Christown YMCA’s swim lesson program, which offers low-cost lessons for children with consideration for their family’s ability to pay.

To participate in the fundraiser, visit any CBD Emporium location in Arizona and make a purchase of CBD products available in tinctures, inhalers, capsules, vape pens, edibles, salves, sprays, lotions and more.

CBD (Cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive cannabinoid available without a special card or prescription, offers relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, neurological disorders, seizures, diabetes, and nausea. Many clients take CBD as part of a medical treatment plan to help fight cancer.

CBD Emporium partnered with Legacy Foundation Christown YMCA because learning to swim provides a child with the tools to help lead a healthy, active and safer life. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, more than half of all child drowning deaths are among children ages four and below.

“We have a mission to help change lives through health and wellness,” says John Flanders, CEO of CBD Emporium. “I feel it is important for inner city kids to have a chance to learn how to swim to improve their confidence, safety and health. Saving just one life, makes it all worth it.” 

“This fundraiser by CBD Emporium will make such an impact in the safety of kids around water,” says Jason Heetland, District Executive Director Legacy Foundation Christown YMCA. “Our community will reap the benefits of safe, healthy and active children.”

“The youth are the future of this state,” Says Robert Meza, State Representative. “As a board member of Legacy Christown YMCA, I’m thrilled to see CBD Emporium working to fund programs vital to developing our children’s growth and wellness.”

For more information on CBD Emporium, visit.cbdemporiumaz.com.
For more information on Christown YMCA, visit valleyymca.org/chris-town.


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