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CBD Emporium® and Proven Quality Announce Partnership to conduct Medical Outcome Studies

CBD Emporium® and Proven Quality Announce Partnership to conduct Medical Outcome Studies
April 27, 2021

April 27, 2021, Phoenix, AZ - CBD Emporium®, a privately held Arizona company, and leading national retailer of premium CBD products, today announced a partnership with Proven Quality, Inc. located in San Diego, Ca. Proven Quality is a data and analytics company started by healthcare professionals with a mission to bring Real World Evidence outcomes to cannabis and the plant-based sectors.

Since its establishment in 2018, CBD Emporium has expanded its trusted retail chain across dozens of locations in the Southwest and Midwest with operations in multiple states and is expanding to 100 new stores. The partnership between CBD Emporium and Proven Quality will start by collecting real world evidence on their existing brand to measure how CBD impacts customers’ Quality of Life. Leveraging 50 years of healthcare experience, Proven Quality can determine with actuarial data how CBD impacts customers suffering from pain, anxiety and insomnia by using a Medical Outcome Study originally designed by the U.S. Government and the Rand Research Corporation.


“We are excited to enter into this unique partnership which will enable CBD Emporium and Proven Quality to quickly collect data and then establish a section of the stores to showcase Proven Quality brands. This means those brands that pass the test will clearly stand out from all the rest with medical outcomes proven to work. We are thrilled to work with Proven Quality because healthcare outcomes in the future are expected to be the basis for customers getting insurance and employer reimbursement payments; and in the interim we are excited to create a standard and seal for the CBD industry to distinguish quality brands,” said Andrew Young, VP of Vendor Relations and Product Management.


“The future of CBD is about delivering on what the FDA asked for and gathering real world evidence and data to help inform policy decisions so customers are protected and can use outcomes to find the right product for them and their conditions. This partnership will help us accomplish our mission faster of measuring and certifying “One-Billion doses” delivered by brands that are proven to work and improve customers' Quality of Life,” said David Metzler, CEO Proven Quality.


About CBD Emporium: 

Established in 2018, CBD Emporium is a privately held company with dozens of retail locations throughout the United States. The retailer is the premier source for quality, trusted CBD products, and offers a diverse selection of more than 60 best-of-industry brands and its own brand labeled products, derived from medical-grade organic hemp plants. The company’s knowledgeable staff provides the best information, education, and products to improve health and wellness. CBD Emporium headquarters are located at 2424 W. Desert Cove, Phoenix, Arizona 85029. For information on CBD Emporium, visit https://www.cbdemporium.com

About Proven Quality:

Proven Quality is a healthcare data collection and certification program that answers the FDA request for more data and solves problems for brands and consumers. We created an easily identifiable way for CBD brands to establish trust and credibility by utilizing widely accepted Medical Outcome Studies to establish product efficacy through Real World Evidence. Our solution elevates qualified brands from all the rest with a Proven Quality Seal certified to improve Quality of Life. https://www.provenqualitydata.com