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Iced Tea Focus Refresher

Iced Tea Focus Refresher
July 21, 2021

Starting your day off right with a Focus boosting hot or cold citrus blended tea is definitely the way to go!    With this phenomenal blend of ingredients, you will enjoy the benefits of each and every sip throughout your day while enjoying complete refreshment and hydration.





  1. Heat water to a slow simmer  
  2. Remove from heat 
  3. Add 1 Tea bags from Purity Organics Focus Green Tea & Lemon  
  4. Add1 Finely Choppy Peppermint Leaf
  5. Add 1 tea spoon of lime juice. 
  6. Allow to steep for 5-6 minutes until the water takes on a golden brown color and the aromatic smell of the tea is in the air. 
  7. While still warm - Stir in 1 Teaspoon of Tangerine Tranquility Colorado Hemp Honey (or to taste) 
  8. Add Ice and orange slices to your glass before pouring tea.
  9. Pour your tea and Enjoy!
  • You can even enjoy Hot – it is refreshing through and through either way! 

To spice this delicious tea up and enjoy it as an adult beverage - Simply add 1.5oz (1 Shot) of your favorite Citrus Flavored Vodka or Rum after you have cooled the on ice!


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