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CBD Infused Butter - Great For Baking!

CBD Infused Butter - Great For Baking!
July 23, 2021

Using an infusion of butters and oils is a perfect way to add your CBD regimen into your daily life and habits.  Infused butter can used in the garnishing of your favorite meal items, in baked goods and just about any cooking procedure where temperatures do not reach or go above 235 degrees where the CBD Infusion is present.



**Pro Tip: Using a crockpot on low for 2-3 hours is the best method for infusion of oils, butters, and fatty liquids - Always use water  when making infused butter to regulate temperature to refrain from burning butter.

  • In small crockpot add butter and water on low
  • Allow butter to melt for 4-5minutes
  • Add either decarboxylated and ground up Hemp Flower  or Hoji Full Spectrum water soluble CBD powder
    • What is Decarboxylated? -  To quickly explain it, Hemp Flower cannabinoids exist in acid form when naturally occurring in the plant's flowers.  To convert these acids to a bioavailable and usable product it is best suited to "Decarboxylate" your flower prior to use in cooking or infusions.
    • How to Decarboxylate -  Break up your hemp flower into pieces about the size of peas (Do not Grind).  Place on a baking sheet and bake in the oven on a lower rack at 245° for 30-35 minutes.  Once cooled, you can grind with your fingers, or use a grinder to create the most surface area for contact within your infusion.
  • Simmer on low 4 hours- if your crock pot has a temp setting, set for 185°.
    • The majority of the water used in the recipe will have evaporated away while keeping the butter from burner.
  • Turn the crock pot off and allow to sit for 30 minutes 
  • (Skip Step if using Hoji powder) Pour the warm mixture through a strainer to remove solids and place into a storage container of your choosing.

** Pro Tip:  Use a small rectangular butter storage container lined with wax paper and you can easily remove your butter have it in stick form if you choose.

  •  Refrigerate and use like every day butter!

Now that you have CBD Infused your butter, you can use it on toast, baked potatoes, baked goods, or anything else you may use butter on.

Be careful not to use this butter when cooking at high heat, if you are turning the color or browning your butter you are destroying the CBD.  CBD will degrade and break down at approximately 292°, a bit short of the 350° that butter will burn at. 

Baking with this butter is perfectly acceptable - typically when baking goods in the oven, the internal temperature never rises above 205-215°, leaving the CBD intact.


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