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CBD Coffee Milkshake

CBD Coffee Milkshake
July 29, 2021


In support of National Coffee Milkshake Day we had to make one. We used a basic milkshake recipe but added our own flare to it with CBD. Here's what we did...





  • Combine all ingredients in blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Top with Whipped Cream
  • Enjoy!


There are a few places that you can tweak this recipe if you wanted to. The first one is what coffee you use, we used a CBD instant coffee mixed with 1/4 C of water, but you could easily use 1/4 C of brewed CBD coffee. You could also use any ice cream, we used coffee flavored to get a strong coffee flavor. The CBD Tincture is where you can really customize this, we used 1 dropper of a vanilla tincture, you can use a different flavor and you can use a dosage that suits your needs. The vanilla flavor didn't shine through this with all the coffee flavors but you could also use a vanilla creamer instead of milk or any other creamers you enjoy with your coffee!


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