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What is CBG (Cannabigerol)?

What is CBG (Cannabigerol)? CBD Emporium
May 18, 2020

by Alice McRae

Cannabinoids are important active compounds found in cannabis that can have a range of effects on your body. You most likely have heard of CBD or THC, two of the most common cannabinoids, but there are many other cannabinoids.

CBG is one such cannabinoid, and while it may not be as well known, it is reputed by many to have value that may just make it your new favorite cannabinoid. CBG is also known as cannabigerol.

The Benefits of CBG

CBG is not a psychotropic cannabinoid, so you won’t experience any intoxicating effects as you would from THC consumption.

While CBG won’t get you high, there is some research that tells us that it may induce a range of benefits. It is important to keep in mind that most research into CBG is still in its infancy, but so far the studies are hopeful.  Of course, more research needs to be done and no-one can make any claim of any true benefit


Some reports suggest that CBG may act as an anti-inflammatory, with one animal study finding that CBG managed to reduce inflammatory markers and reduced inflammation of the colon, otherwise known as colitis (1).  However, much more research needs to be done before any claim of health benefit can be made.


Some reports suggest that CBG may also act as a neuroprotector.  One study found that CBG managed to improve motor deficits and helped to protect neurons from some of the damage caused by Huntington’s disease. While more research is needed, following is an exciting research article in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases (2). More research is needed before making any claims.


Many cannabinoids are antibacterial and CBG is one of them. In the following report, CBG’s antibacterial activity has demonstrated activity against the typically anti-biotic resistant MRSA bacteria (3).  More research is needed before making any claims. 

May Slow Cancer Cell Growth

While no research has determined that any cannabinoid is a cure for cancer, CBG has shown some ability to slow the growth of certain cancer cells. One cell study found that CBG managed to slow the progression of colon cancer by inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells and promoting their death (4). More research is needed before making any claims. 

The Bottom Line

While more research is needed, there is some hope that CBG may be able to provide a range of benefits. The future of CBG advancements is exciting!


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Alice McRae, BSc
Alice graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy from the University of Otago and a post-graduate diploma in science communication. She now writes health content for various health and cannabis websites and has a passion for making science accessible.