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Sun God Medicinal Powerful Powdered Herbs

Sun God Medicinal Powerful Powdered Herbs
September 04, 2020

For the past several years, living a wellness lifestyle has grown in popularity. But now in the time of COVID-19, it has exploded. Today, everyone is hyper-focused on staying healthy.

One easy, natural way to remain healthy during 2020 is through the use of powdered herbs from Sun God Medicinals. The company’s full spectrum Ra Hemp line combines whole hemp flowers that are high in bioactive cannabinoids, and decarboxylated. The hemp is also combined with other hybrid flowers to create powerful, balanced line.

Husband and wife team Brie Malarkey & Jon Cunningham founded Sun God Medicinals with a mission to blend and extract quality, healing herbs from Southern Oregon. CBD Emporium retail outlets are the first in Arizona and Nevada to carry the line.

CBD is believed to help reduce inflammation and bolster the immune system, something everyone is trying to do during the pandemic.  The Ra Hemp line gives consumers a variety of ways to get quality CBD and other healing botanicals in powdered form.

We’re all familiar with powdered cooking herbs like cinnamon or garlic powder, but powdered herbs are also a great way for the body to absorb healing herbs. 

The Ra Hemp Capsules are powdered hemp flowers in easy to swallow capsules, making it one of the best ways for diabetics, or anyone with food sensitivities to ingest CBD. Each pill contains approximately 13-20mg of CBD depending on the plants and the cultivation season.  As with all whole hemp products each capsule contains trace amounts of other cannabinoids, including THC, CBC, and CBG.

For those who prefer tinctures, the RA line features three hemp-only tinctures. The Organic Ra Hemp MCT Oil Tincture (Sativa) and Organic Ra Hemp MCT Oil Tincture (Indica) are made from organically grown whole Sativa or Indica hemp flowers extracted with organic cane alcohol using a slow, cold-process method practiced by herbalists for a thousand years - then expertly infused into medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. This citrus flavored tincture contains approximately 500mg of CBD. The Ra Hemp Classic Green Dragon Tincture is also a certified organic tincture, and is known to contain the highest amount of CBD offered in the Ra Hemp line containing approximately 1000mg of CBD.

To get the anti-inflammation and immune system boost that CBD can provide, it’s critical to use high-quality, easily absorbable CBD products like the Sun God Medicinals Ra Hemp line.