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Quality Hydration To Promote everyday Wellness

Quality Hydration To Promote everyday Wellness
June 17, 2021

As reported by Good Morning America on June 11th 2020, 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. 


The importance of quality hydration every day of the year is essential for our wellbeing, health and happiness.  

Water, the most important liquid for humans, and makes up close to 70% of the human body. That is why it is so important to stay hydrated. While there is no true recommended amount of water you should drink a day to ensure proper and quality hydration, most nutritionists would agree that you should try and consume between eight and ten glasses of water each day. The benefits of quality and proper hydration are abundant and even surprising in some cases.   

Some key benefits of quality hydration: 

  • Keeps your skin hydrated. Human skin accounts for 25% of our immune system, and needs to remain healthy, hydrated and elastic to function as designed. When dehydrated, it can lead to cracks, sores and wrinkles that will allow for bad bacteria to damage our health.  Staying properly hydrated is the easiest and cheapest way to boost your immune system, look and feel young every day, and battle injuries. 
  • Quality Hydration lubricates your joints throughout your body. Joints and cartilage contain approximately 80% water. Dehydration lessens the effectiveness cartilage has on joints and, in turn, leads to pain and inflammation.
  • Proper hydration aids in weight loss through metabolism regulation. Replacing unhealthy drinks with quality hydration products, such as Cloud Water, that have the added benefits of natural botanicals, CBD, and antioxidants can help increase metabolism rates and ultimately help digestion. The digestive system is reliant on water to process food correctly. Dehydration can lead to digestive problems, constipation, and heartburn. 
  • Promoting healthy kidney function is imperative to your daily immune system functions, digestion, stress levels, and body inflammation through nutrition regulation and filtering. Your kidneys are primarily used to filter liquids that come through your body. When dehydrated, kidney stones can start to form and, in extreme cases, dehydration can lead to kidney failure.
  • Proper hydration can assist in alleviating allergies. Membranes in your nose and airways that filter allergy causing pathogens need proper lubrication and hydration to be effective. When your body is dehydrated those membranes can dry, crack, become ineffective and even become inflamed.   This can heighten breathing difficulties brought on by allergies or asthma. 
  • Quality hydration can increase the effectiveness of your body to manage Cortisol, “The Stress Hormone”. Staying hydrated will reduce physical stress on the body, aid in cognitive functioning and ultimately keep you Happy!   With Cloud Water’s proprietary blend of CBD, natural Botanicals and awesome flavorings, managing daily stress will be a breeze! 
  • SLEEP!!!! Yes, Hydration is key to a quality night’s sleep – if for nothing else, sleep helps your body reset, regenerate, and regulate.   The lack of quality sleep will effect physical inflammation, mental disorders, stress and even digestion.    All of the aforementioned key points of why quality hydration matters for our everyday wellness are also impacted by sleep.   So why not give yourself the gift of pure unadulterated quality sleep every night so you can battle your day with your best foot forward every day.   

Quality Hydration is so important to our everyday lives that we should be making a concerted effort to drink more beneficially for our health, wellness and wellbeing.   So many of us have degraded our quality of hydration through the consumption of diuretics and sugary substitutes such as coffee and sodasCloud Water has developed a pairing of flavor without adding the negative impacts of those every day sugary drinks, while adding superior hydration and CBD to your daily wellness regimen.   


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