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Our Community @ CBD Emporium Ahwatukee

Our Community @ CBD Emporium Ahwatukee CBD Emporium
October 22, 2019

Your Team at CBD Emporium Ahwatukee

Written by Store Manager: Damian Murillo

CBD Emporium Is a fast growing nationally recognized CBD retail company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Mission is to inform, educate, and guide our clientele to better health and wellness, through CBD. We opened the Ahwatukee store in April 2019.  We are here to serve Ahwatukee and Ahwatukee Foothills community. Our local storefront offers an abundant variety of CBD products in a professional family friendly atmosphere. We carry local and nationally recognized brands as well as our own high-quality products at a great value. Topical, Oil/Drops, Ingestible and Pet CBD Products as our focus.

What we offer to the Ahwatukee Community

Community – It is our intention to help improve the well-being of this community.  This is our home too and we want to be a positive asset to the Ahwatukee neighborhood.  We believe true change is felt first on the local level which begins with taking action to help the residents of the local community where one works and lives. We believe in the tremendous potential benefits of CBD to improve the health and well-being of everyone. We want to establish ourselves in this community as the locally operated retail store for hemp derived CBD products and give back to this community and its residents.

Potential Benefits of Hemp Derived CBD

CBD has been reported to help people suffering from aliments such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Chronic Inflammation, Nausea, Insomnia, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia and much more. Furthermore, the community of Ahwatukee is filled with active lifestyle residents.  CBD may assist with athletic recovery and other workout related sports (sore muscles, aches/pains). And, while the benefits of CBD could fill a book, we find our clients see great benefit for their pets as well. CBD may help dogs, cats and horses with pain, anxiety and many of the same aliments that their human owners may have. Our store has active calendar of workshops, that are free to Ahwatukee residents, please see our Web site for the next CBD 101 event at the Ahwatukee store location.

What you put in your body matters to us!            

At CBD Emporium, we truly do stand by our products and work with vendors who conduct 3rd party lab testing on all their products to make sure we only sell clean, safe and efficacious products. Our product development team makes this information readily available to any client who comes into our stores. We believe transparency is very important in this rapidly growing and evolving industry.

Why should you choose CBD Emporium?

Our commitment to high quality service and products is what stands us apart from other CBD retailers. With so much “mis” information out there about CBD, having knowledgeable, trained, certified CBD Consultants available at our stores makes a world of difference in educating and informing the public about the potential benefits of CBD and how CBD can help our clients improve their health and wellness. We are always keeping up with the latest progress in Cannabis/Hemp/CBD research. We believe in the personal touch of having direct contact with our client base and cultivating a personal connection.

Stop by any CBD Emporium for a great experience.  And, when you or your friends are in Ahwatukee, please stop in say hello.  We remain at your service.