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My secret weapon against the “New Normal”

My secret weapon against the “New Normal”
May 28, 2021

By Patricia Dunn


During a lunch time excursion, I was regaled by stories of free moving activities and a stress-free life in this new world we have found ourselves in.

Like many, I had been couped up for months on end, my habits changed – my body changed, and my mind set was no longer the same! 

I was crankier, sleep had become a chore, and activities I used to do; I hadn’t done in months. I yearned for the opportunity yet cringed at the thought.

Listening to my friend’s advice, I accompanied her to a shop on the Elliot Warner loop with an open mind and a hopeful mindset.   The woman who ran the shop, ever so kind and compassionate, seemed to have a similar story as mine.   She used to do things, she used to be happier; much to her dismay, this viral climate of the latter year had changed things – but she made it to the other side.   How?   I had to know.

I explained that I wanted to be more active again, but I feared the pains and groans of getting back to where I used to be, what I used to do before everything shut down.  After an exchange of questions and answers, I chose to be happy again.  I chose to make it through this “New Normal”.

The keeper at this shop of hope explained – Improving your wellness is key to happiness, and here is how you do it.   She introduced me to a product called a tincture, by Live Rishi. A simple little bottle with a miracle inside. 

She put together a daily regimen for me to follow, it was actually quite simple .   I would take the tincture in the morning, followed up with a phenomenal topical on the back of my neck for stress and easing of tension as I saw fit. Finally, I would take the tincture once more in the evening.   I ended up also buying a few candies for on the go, and something I could pop in my mouth mid afternoon as a quick desert.

That night, ever so enthused to give it a first try, I took my very first serving of Live Rishi vanilla tincture just after dinner. It even satisfied my nighttime sweet tooth.   I slept wonderfully that evening, in fact I was so invigorated the next morning, I could not wait to call and exclaim to my friend my experience.    

Ninety days into my journey and I am back to being me - not the old me, but the New Me!

 I no longer worry about the daily grind of life in this new normal world we live in.

I once again have the care-free attitude, I feel wonderful day in and day out; but most of all - I feel like I can take on new challenges like never before. 

 Thank you CBD Emporium – and thank you to my great friend Robyn.