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MIRALON - A Unique Medical Formula With CBD

Miralon - A Unique Medical Formula with CBD
February 01, 2021

CBD, alone, is recognized to help ease chronic pain and relieve anxiety; but taking CBD alone is not the most effective way to obtain the full benefits that the CBD cannabinoids can provide. Medical research indicates that when CBD is combined with specific other natural ingredients that function synergistically with the CBD, users can obtain far more benefits and relief.

Miralon was developed as a brand to address:

  • Relief of Chronic Pain (specifically back pain), and
  • Relief of Anxiety and Stress (which promotes better sleep).

Miralon was inspired by a group of retired NFL players who were suffering from these conditions and were being treated by renowned pain management specialist, Dr. Vijay Vad, at The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). 

Dr. Vad, Creator of MiralonCBD

Miralon, working in a collaboration with Dr. Vad, developed a novel and unique formula by combining a proprietary South African botanical ingredient, Sceletium Tortuosum (trademarked Sebrium DCD™), with top-quality phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp oil (CBD). Sebrium has significant data supporting its anti-anxiety / stress relief benefits and additional data supporting its sleep benefits. In his research, Dr. Vad found that this South African ingredient worked in the same neuropathway as the hemp derived phyto-cannabinoids (CBD) for chronic pain. By combining the two ingredients, Dr. Vad discovered that the Miralon formula more effectively relieved chronic pain and related stress than by taking CBD alone. The Miralon formula was found to balance and tone the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body by supplementing its deficiencies.

After this discovery, the Miralon formula was then further improved by putting it through a novel processing system to achieve better absorption and maximum efficacy for patients. A scientific advisory team, using a lipid technology method, significantly improved Miralon’s bioavailability and effectiveness in delivering the benefits that patients an desire from CBD products.

Technically, the research indicated that the Miralon formula supports the endocannabinoid system and acts as a selective serotonin (5-HT) re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI). The active alkaloids in Sebrium DCD are PDE-4 inhibitors (anti-inflammation) and synergistically combine with the broad spectrum of cannabinoids in the formula to interact with CB1 receptors as well as 5-HT transporters to mediate their release.

The Miralon formula is dramatically different than all other single-bullet CBD and cannabinoid therapies due to the way it influences the body’s response with stress and negative emotions that have profound effects on nociception (pain signaling in the body) and its impact on chronic pain. Miralon targets the pain- and stress responsive receptors and thereby reduces stress exacerbation in a novel therapeutic way. Miralon not only manages chronic pain, but the stress and anxiety factors that further contribute to the condition as well.

MiralonCBD Processing Facility

The Miralon formula incorporates all-natural top-quality botanical ingredients that are grown under the supervision of the respective Departments of Agriculture. They are extracted in cGMP facilities with proprietary and patented extraction methods that are fully traceable from field to finished product. These highest quality ingredients are further processed for greater bioavailability and absorption by binding a lipid technology to transport the active compounds to the best place of absorption in the body. This fully traceable process enables patients and consumers to receive the most novel therapeutic formula on the market and achieve the maximum potency of the active compounds that are medically formulated for targeted efficacious benefits. Miralon is third party lab tested by rigorous standards to ensure best in class quality.

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