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KurativCBD: The Story

KurativCBD: The Story CBD Emporium
April 28, 2020

As many of our customers know, KurativCBD was the very first brand we brought into our stores. There is a rich history between CBD Emporium and Kurativ. But at the "roots" of the relationship, it was a strong passion for delivering the best possible and cleanest CBD products one can find. We think Kurativ has done a sensational job in cultivating the products and their business. We are truly excited about introducing our loyal clientele to the story behind the products.


Our conversation is with Ryan Morris. Ryan is one of the key people at Kurativ and took the time to speak with us while at home with his new baby.  Congratulations Ryan!


Q. Tell us the story of Kurativ. What was the genesis and philosophy driving the beginning days of Kurativ CBD?


A. Kurativ CBD was founded with a simple goal in mind, to bring high quality CBD products to market at a reasonable price. Since day one, we have prided ourselves in sourcing only premium, US grown hemp for extracts. Our team works tirelessly to bring new and innovative products for our amazing customers. Our mission is to help people, and that mission is ongoing and incredibly rewarding.


Q. How has the Kurativ brand and associated products evolved over time?

A. Kurativ strives to create the best products for the best value, and has done so since its inception. We have listened to feedback from our customers from the beginning and tried to produce products that address the most common requests. Some of the products that have resulted from retail customer requests have been the full spectrum creams, flavored and more potent CBD oil, and our very popular gummies. Some of the items that have been produced from our wholesale customer requests are items such as the small travel or counter display items, CBD oils, 5 pack gummies, and lip balm.

Q. What makes Kurativ products special?

A. There would not be CBD without the dedication to craft shown by our partnered growers. As a company, we were blessed from the beginning to share a strong relationship with some of the most knowledgeable growers in the US. Every Kurativ product is made with hemp that is grown organically and of the highest pedigree genetics. These hemp plants are medical grade and hand planted in clean, lab tested soil.

Once the plants are harvested, they are taken to a state certified lab for the extraction of CBD isolate and full spectrum extract. We choose labs that use hydrocarbon or solvent-free extraction methods.


Kurativ products are formulated in our Phoenix, AZ facility. We follow all Good Manufacturing Policies (GMP) and each batch is 3rd party tested for cannabinoids, heavy metals, and pesticides. We test the raw materials (extracts) first for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and potency. We also test the finished product per batch for potency to assure the amount of CBD on the package is what is in the product.

Q. What is on the horizon for Kurativ CBD?

A. Kurativ CBD will continue to produce new products that customers want at a value pricing. We will strive to be at the forefront of the hemp/cannabis industry, to bring out new innovative products such as our new CBD/CBG oils, our new slumber and boost oils, and new variations on established products such as the new flavors in our pet oils and new packaging.

Q. Kurativ was the very first vendor in CBD Emporium’s stores. What do you think makes CBD Emporium special and really highlights your brand?

A. We are proud to be included in CBD Emporium’s product offerings. From day one we were impressed with the efforts made by CBD Emporium to ensure that every product (Kurativ or not) that is sold in their stores adheres to strict quality standards. It is very apparent that CBD Emporium places safety and customer satisfaction above all else. Equally notable is the focus on education that their staff members are dedicated to. CBD Emporium is more than a chain of stores; they are a family you can count on.

Thank you so much Ryan. To enjoy the Kurativ CBD product line, please take a moment and browse our online store