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Keeping Up with My Son

Man kicking a ball with his son, playing in a green grass field
May 11, 2021

I’ve been a lover of playing sports since my pee-wee football days in grade school. It didn’t matter if I was playing football, running track, or playing softball; I always played hard and enjoyed every minute of it. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed it’s getting a little harder to get-up and go. I used to do my workouts bright and early at 5am, but lately I’ve been feeling groggy and hitting the snooze button way too often. And I find that when I do make time to work out, the aches and pains make it harder for me to get excited for the next day’s work out. 

About a week ago, a friend from my fantasy football league heard me “bellyaching about my body aches” (his words, not mine) and he recommended that I try CBDaFICYaf CBD Cream, Freeze ReliefI’d heard of CBD before through my mom and dad who swore by it. But I always figured CBD was only made to help older adults sleep better. But I decided to give the CBD pain relief cream a try and wow, did it make a big differenceThis CBD topical helps soothe my aches and pains with its blend of icy menthol and anti-inflammatory CBD. The cream isn’t as greasy as some of the other natural pain relief creams I used, and it worked very quickly. 

Best of all, I came across a few other CBDaF! products when I was ordering online that I decided to give a try. I found that the CBDaF! CBD + Taurine Energy Softgels helped make it easier to wake up in the morning. Keep in mind, this was not an overnight change. But gradually, I started hitting the snooze button less and less and hitting the pavement for a run more and more. These CBD softgel capsules helped give me the extra oomph I needed to boost my mood and help me feel recharged and ready with no jitters. Now, staying active is easy again. I can even keep up with my 13-year-old when we play flag football in the yard. And even he finds the CBDafICYaf CBD cream helpful after a long afternoon of football practice. gotta say, it feels great to be able to start keeping up with my son again. 


- Greg, 29