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How CBD Helped Me Become a Better Manager

How CBD Helped Me Become a Better Manager
May 15, 2021

I work as an Office Manager for a small, but VERY busy construction company. The long hours and seemingly unending list of fires to put out make me feel worn out by mid-day. I used to drink coffee during the day to perk up, but it would make me feel jittery and sometimes make it hard to get to sleep at night. I was venting to one of my co-workers about how exhausted I always felt mid-day and she suggested I try H-Hemp's CBG+CBD Energy Pops. I didn’t really believe that a sucker was going to help me feel more alert. But after she gave me a couple to try, I was hooked and ordered a pack of my own!  

These CBD lollipops give me just the boost of energy I need to power through even my most stressful days. And they not only taste good, but they’re also organic. I’m still surprised that these little blood orange flavored lollipops can add such a calming energy to my day.  

Now that I feel more productive and focused during the day, I honestly feel like I can do my job better. And my hilarious co-workers are more than happy to point out that I am, ahem, a lot less cranky too. I also found H-Hemp's CBG+CBD Chill Pops. I like to have one after dinner for a sweet treat because they taste like the old school Tootsie Pops I always loved as a kid, and they help put me in a calm mood before bed. These CBD pops are a game changer. I can’t wait to try their Elderberry Immunity Pop next!