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Hangovers and Tips to Help Avoid them

Hangovers and Tips to Help Avoid them CBD Emporium
December 30, 2020

Tis the season of hangovers!  And as we go into New Years Eve, CBD Emporium is always looking out for your health, wellness, and quality of life.  No one likes a hangover, and quite frankly there are certain things that you can do to mitigate the after effects of your New Year's Eve celebrations.

The best advice to lesson your chance of a hangover is to simply not drink alcohol.  OK, that is a bit cheeky.  And, it is New Years Eve, so let's be realistic.  In which case, do your best to pace yourself and moderate your drinking. 

The number one rule to avoid hangovers is hydration.  Many health and wellness professionals will advise to have one glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage. If nothing else, you will spend more time in the bathroom and less time drinking.  However, this guarantees that you are keeping pace with alcohol and water.  I also suggest finding the biggest glass in your cabinet and drinking it full of water right before you go to bed.

Another common sense tip is to eat well.  Make sure you have a full stomach while drinking.  If possible, try to eat vegetables whenever you can. 

A lot of New Year's Eve professionals will tell you not to mix drinks.  Stick with one drink for most, if not all, of the evening.  The only exception is that glass of Champaign at Midnight.

One of my favorite non-scientific recommendations is to walk outside and get some fresh air. Nothing like a quick, brisk walk outside to clear the head and get some fresh O2. 

Avoid power-drinking.  Try to stay away from games or challenges that involve "chugging" beer or "doing shots".  This is the express lane for hangovers.

Lastly, pick up Brio's Happy Hour CBD Capsules and use as directed. Happy Hour Capsules from Brio Nutrition are a unique approach to liver health because they not only combine powerful ingredients like Milk Thistle and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine to aid the liver but also includes 10mg of CBD to potentially provide extended support when drinking alcoholic beverages or following a night of alcohol consumption. I usually take one before heading out for the night and two before bed with a big glass of water noted herein. 

A close friend who works at local winery says, "she won't go out for an evening of fun, without them". The Brio Happy Hour CBD Capsules are truly a silver bullet in any New Years Eve celebrant's holster. Pick them up at any CBD Emporium retail location or online