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Finding Your new Exercise Partner: CBD

Finding Your new Exercise Partner: CBD
April 07, 2021

By: Steven Hernandez 

Americans lining up to get their vaccines is a great sign towards normal. People are excited about the endless activities they’ve had to put off until it was deemed safe to do so. They are preparing to travel, shop and continue focusing on their health.  

“People are legit getting ready for the end,” Taryn Stewart, a personal trainer in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, tells The Atlantic that his class sizes have doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. 

If you’re ready to go out and get life back to normal, so you’re able to enjoy a hike in Sedona or a neighborhood run, you’d be remiss to not take some CBD products along with you. 

Walking with CBD 

Individuals who start their day off with a morning walk usually do so as a form of physical exercise, but many also use this private time to get themselves focused and ready for the day. 

Taking New Phase’s Go Tincture about an hour before you hit the walking trail is a great way to get your mind in motion. Synephrine, a naturally occurring biomaterial in oranges, works as an energy stimulant alongside the stress-reducing properties already found in CBD. In unison Synephrine and CBD will  provide you with great mental clarity as you plan out your day in your head or with your walking partner. 

Running with CBD 

Whether you’re running a mile or a marathon, you want your body to be at peak shape so it is ready for whatever you throw at it. The nature of the Covid situation and the various state shutdowns have caused an increase in non-runners or newbies hitting the pavement, training for their first time. 

Runners looking to replace a cup of coffee in the morning before their run can rest assured that CBDaF! Energy softgels will be the perfect replacement. Taurine, which is one of the ingredients in the CBDaF Energy softgels, helps in maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance in your cells.  

This is wonderful news for runners who find their peace in the act of running because CBD and taurine respectively, help them maintain equilibrium and increase cardiovascular blood flow, allowing runners to take care of themselves as they go out to crush their PR’s or just a few laps around the track. 

The Level Select Sports Cream is a go-to for NFL athletes like former Arizona Cardinals Quarterback, Carson Palmer. The Sports Cream is the perfect post-workout product targeting with anti-inflammatory, cooling touch to sore legs, thighs and ankles. The Sports Cream is produced using broad-spectrum so it contains 0% THC. 

Hiking with CBD 

Taking CBD on your favorite trail or hiking trail can be challenging but beneficial.  Most people don’t take personal belongings for fears of losing them along the journey. There are alternatives at low doses for individuals looking to get some CBD while out on a Camelback Mountain in Arizona or lost in the Nevada or Colorado wilderness. These are items like CBDaF! gummies or Caliper Dissolvable packets to put in that ice cold water bottle.

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