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5 Great CBD Drinks to Sip on this Spring

Glass pouring CBD Water with lemons in a glass with a pitcher of CBD Water in the background
April 22, 2021

There is definitely no shortage of choices when it comes to CBD beverages. Whether you prefer sparkling water or a nice hot coffee, there is a version of your favorite drink made better thanks to the many wellness benefits correlated with cannabinol. If you want to add some new drinks to your list of refreshments, then here are 5 great CBD drinks to sip on this Spring. 

1. CBD Shot

If you’re looking for a quick pick me up in the middle of the day, Koi Wellness Hemp Shots makes a handy supplement and are perfectly designed to bring balance to your day in the most convenient and refreshing wayThey are also available in mouthwatering Watermelon, or Raspberry Punch flavors.  

2. CBD Flavored Sparkling Water

The perfect way to quench your thirst on a sunny day is with Ablis Hemp Infused Sparkling Water. This CBD sparkling water is available in multiple flavors, contains all-natural cane sugar and US grown hempand is a balanced and delicious tasting drink 

3. CBD Tea

CBD teas make a great way to both start and end your day. Performance Tea Revive wakes up your senses and kicks your body and joints back into high gear with its spicy adaptogenic turmeric tea blend. And Purity Organic Tea's SLEEP Chamomile Tea has a blend of organic chamomile and lavender;  the perfect fusion to aid in relaxation and unwinding after a long day. 

4. CBD Coffee

The best part of waking up is CBD in your cup. GreenTree Naturals CBD Infused Coffee, Focus is a rich and flavorful coffee with the benefits of cannabidol (CBD) that fits perfectly into your morning routine. And don’t forget to top it off with some Brio Nutritional's Non-dairy Creamer in Vanilla or HazelnutWith only 80 calories per serving, this keto-friendly creamer will be your coffee’s new best friend. 

5. CBD Water

Less is more, and if you’re looking for enriched water without all the fancy flavors then VAI Water CBD + H₂O Bottle may be perfect for you.  This water is structured for optimal delivery, potency, and bio-availability and includes 25mg Broad Spectrum CBD & Alkaline PH+9 Water. Makes a perfect way to hydrate, restore and revitalize your mind and body any time of the day. 

Don’t be thirsty this spring. Mix it up and give your tastebuds something new with CBD beverages. If you’d like to find more CBD drink choices, we invite you to shop our CBD beverage collection.

-Nitara Jones