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3 Reasons I’m Taking CBD Sunscreen to the Beach this Summer

Mother applying CBD Sunscreen to her daughter with smiling faces
May 08, 2021

Few people know this, but May is Melanoma and Skin Care Awareness MonthSkin cancer is America’s most common cancer with over 5 million cases diagnosed in the United States each year. As a woman with red hairfreckles, and nearly translucent pale skin, I learned from an early age about the importance of protecting my skin. Skin cancer also runs in my family and when my aunt was diagnosed with melanoma three years ago, I vowed to buckle down and take my skincare even more seriously. 

A good portion of skin cancers come from sun exposure, but a person runs the risk of skin cancer no matter what time of the year it is. I’ve learned over the years about the importance of sunscreen and SPF. People can help prevent sun-related skin cancer by staying out of the sun between 10 AM and 2 PMwhen the sun is the strongest. And in my family, it is essential for us to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen because it has both UVA and UVB protection. My daughter and I have been wearing Spyder CBD SPF 50 Sunscreen since last summer and we love it! This zinc sunscreen helps keep our skin safe whether we’re swimming in the backyard or just spending a day at the farmer’s marketPlus, it has a pleasant tropical banana-coconut scent and absorbs quickly into the skin.  

I’m a pretty efficient person and there are few things that I forget to pack when planning a day at the beach; A shovel and pail for my three-year-old, Abby, who loves to collect seashells. A beach umbrella and hat to shield us both from the sun. Our Spyder CBD SPF 50 SunscreenAnd of course, a steamy Kindle read for me. If you want to help protect your skin and get the moisturizing and anti-inflammation benefits associated with CBD, then I definitely recommend giving this CBD sunscreen a try before you hit the pool this summer.


– Heather, 32