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3 CBD Products That Helped Improve My Smile

3 CBD Products That Helped Improve My Smile
May 22, 2021

I’m a real estate broker and I love what I do. Nothing makes me feel more content than knowing I helped someone find the home of their dreams. As most people know, when you work in real estate, your face is a big part of your marketing brand. It’s plastered everywhere, from your website to your business cards. Most of my clients know me by my “100-watt smile.” But what they don’t know is how much work I put into maintaining the smile that homebuyers and sellers see every day. Here are 3 CBD products that have helped improve my smile 

  1. ORL Care CBD Toothpaste: Every morning I brush with ORL Care CBD Toothpaste, because it leaves my mouth feeling refreshed and clean throughout the day, even after meals. I love that it’s made with plant based essential oils and vitamins and is alcohol and fluoride free. Plus, it doesn’t leave a weird film on my teeth like my old hemp toothpaste.     
  1. Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth CBD Gum Serum: Next I use Primal Life Organics, Dirty Mouth CBD Gum Serumbecause I had a lot of soreness and inflammation in my gums from gingivitis. I’ve been using this serum for months and even my dentist has noticed the improvement in my gum health. And like my cbd toothpaste, the serum has beneficial essential oils that help strengthen my gums and keep my mouth feeling clean. 
  1. Nature's Healer Oral Spray; Lastly, I never leave the house without Nature's Healer Oral Spray. I use it throughout the day to freshen my breath between client meetings and after meals. Not only does it have a pleasant spearmint taste, but I also get the benefits of having whole-plant hemp extract & other natural ingredients in my system to support my overall wellness.   

Knowing that I’m taking care of my teeth in a safe, effective, and gentle way makes me feel great. In two weeks, my real estate brokerage and I are being featured in a local publication and of course, they will be taking our pictures. I feel confident knowing I’ll be bringing my signature ‘100-watt smile’ to the photoshoot. 


– Jaime B. Scottsdale, AZ