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Our Team is Obsessed with This CBD Skincare brand and Can’t Stop Talking About It!

Our Team is Obsessed with This CBD Skincare brand and Can’t Stop Talking About It!
October 01, 2021

We know that if you are reading this, you are the enlightened ones who care about their wellbeing. But, while you might be exploring CBD as edibles and muscle balms, did you know that CBD in skin care can help keep the skin looking youthful and radiant! Here is one brand our team at CBD Emporium is obsessing about!

Meet Calluna Labs, a high-performance natural and certified cruelty-free CBD wellness line inspired by ancient eastern wisdom. It promises glowing, healthy skin no matter what your skin type. They use exotic oils and botanicals that women have used in their native lands for centuries. The result is their face oils embody nature's healing magic. In addition, they are proudly woman and minority-owned!

Their skincare collection boasts three face oils for your glow! They include CBD Gold Elixir, a deeply restorative face oil, Ultra Clarifying Face Oil for acne-prone skin, and Ultra Calming Face Oil for sensitive skin. 

Here is what one of our team members Jacqueline shares, “This post is different from others, I’m adding a personal touch because I love these products. If you’ve read our more recent blogs, you know I was/am a cosmetologist, so I take care of my skin on a religious level. I have been spoiled with brands like Dermalogica, SkinCeuticals, Eminence, and Obagi, all of which are on the top 10 list of professional skincare products. With all of these incredible products I never liked facial oils, greasy skin, pores feel clogged, I just didn’t like them. I dermaplane and microneedle my own skin on a regular basis, I used to use serums and lotions afterward, now I use Calluna Labs CBD Gold Elixir Facial Oil. And let me tell you how MAGICAL it is. No greasy feeling, no clogged pores, glowing skin, no irritation after microneedling or dermaplaning, it has changed my skin’s life. I could go on and on about all of these oils, but the only way you’ll know the difference is by trying it yourself.”

What Sets Them Apart?

The entire line is inspired by eastern wisdom and elevated with hemp extracts. Calluna Labs offers clean skincare that is high performance yet gentle on even stressed skin, which sets them apart from other skincare brands in the market that are loaded with toxic ingredients and skin-irritating botanicals.

Their face oils are made for your unique skin type with the finest indigenous ingredients and the highest quality standards. Each face oil can seamlessly fit in with any skincare rituals or be used alone as an all-in-one serum and moisturizer. The result is softer, healthier, and happy skin, no matter what the skin type.

Meet the Founder, Sonia Salam

Sonia Salam is passionate about spreading happiness through beauty and wellness. She deeply values inclusion and diversity. Therefore, she is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all to heal and flourish from the inside out.

As a nature lover and a mom, Sonia is committed to creating a clean and cruelty-free wellness line for all to enjoy. She especially enjoyed creating the topical skincare line using traditional recipes from Pakistan with a global flare to restore and balance the skin to its original glory.

When she is not working, she loves traveling and can be found in the oldest markets across the globe, exploring traditional wellness secrets, no wonder her products have an international heart!

Ready to Get Your Glow On?

Pick one that works best for your skin type or buy for someone you care about that needs it this holiday! And don't forget to check out their top-seller and customers' favorite Muscle Rub!

The CBD Gold Elixir is literally liquid gold for your skin. This restorative and age defying CBD face oil is rich in Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts that calm and balance the skin and radiance-boosting actives like Sea Buckthorn, Ashwagandha. This oil is packed with high linoleic acid and omega-rich ingredients like Hemp Seed, Rosehip, and Sacha Inchi Oil, making it a skin-transforming magical potion. 

The Ultra Clarifying Face Oil  is non-drying lightweight clarifying oil that helps balance and heal the skin from within while revealing a heavenly glow. This antioxidant and omega-rich packed oil is naturally rich in linoleic acid, calming CBD, and a unique blend of therapeutic botanicals such as Tamanu, Black Seed, and Bakuchiol.

The Ultra Calming Face Oil is an effective plant-based oil that soothes and helps rebalance irritated and sensitized skin. Full Spectrum CBD extracts calm redness and balances the skin. In addition, a unique blend of fast-absorbing yet deeply hydrating antioxidant-rich oil such as Sacha Inchi Oil and Rose Hip Oil helps speed up the skin's natural defense boost natural collagen production.

Last but not least, have you tried Calluna Labs Muscle Rub yet? Relief never felt and smelled so good -– imagine the smell of cinnamon rolls and mint – like Christmas all year round! Packed with THC-free CBD, DMSO, and potent anti-inflammatory herbs such as Arnica, Cloves, and Cinnamon, this rub is an excellent addition to your muscle recovery journey. It's so versatile that customers use it on their temples to help alleviate headaches, and even on their abdomen for menstrual cramps!

Shop Calluna Labs Collection here to experience the difference.