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How to go to sleep faster

How to go to sleep faster
September 29, 2021

Going to bed only to lay there wide awake is really not doing you any good.

It is like trying to enjoy a meal when you are already full. Even though you really want to, it just isn't working out. Stop wasting precious sleep time. Here are some tips on how to go to sleep faster.

1. Comfortable bedding
2. Lower room temperature
3. Read yourself a bedtime story
4. Try CBD for sleep
5. Yoga before bed
6. Maintain a sleep schedule

How to Go to Sleep Faster
When determining how to go to sleep faster, remember that these tips are not one-size-fits all. Everyone has a different sleeping preference and sleeping environment. If you live next to an airport, your solution may be earplugs. If you are close to train tracks, you may need an adjustment period or to rethink your choice of housing location. These tips are a little more general and we hope they help.

1. Comfortable Bedding
Having a comfortable mattress and pillow is a great start to a better night’s sleep. Stop telling yourself that the air mattress on the floor is not the problem (oh, the college days...). You may want to consider an orthopedic pillow to help with your sleeping posture. If anxious thoughts are a concern for you, a weighted blanked to help you relax before bed.

2. Lower Your Room Temperature
Your body temperature changes throughout the night as you start to fall asleep, establish sleep and then wake. When you first get to bed, your body temperature cools and then get progressively warmer as you wake. Many people make the mistake of setting the thermostat too high, which can make it difficult when trying to go to sleep faster. On average 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit has shown to be the sweet spot, although everyone is a little different.

3. Read Yourself a Bedtime Story
It worked when you were a kid, so there is probably something to it. Replacing electronics with an actual book, may be part of the magic of reading before bed (sorry, Kindle users). Reading is a way to take your mind off some of the stressful events of the day and help you find a healthy distraction. It doesn’t have to be stories of princesses and pirates like when you were a kid, but if that is your thing, we certainly aren’t judging.

4. Try CBD for Sleep
CBD for sleep interacts with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to help find and maintain balance in the body. This includes the body’s natural sleep / wake cycle. CBD also helps to install a sense of calmness which can help reduce restlessness and worried thoughts. Pain relief is another benefit of CBD, which could help you get comfortable when you get into bed. Tinctures are excellent options as are CBD Gummies for Sleep.

5. Yoga Before Bed
There are so many great reasons to do yoga. Yoga encourages breathing patterns and body movements that help release stress. Physical activity during the day is also helpful as an option for how to get to sleep faster. Stretching can be a great way to work out discomfort and release the tension that keeps you up at night. Breathing patterns may also help calm the mind.

6. Maintain a Sleep Schedule
It is likely that you start to get hungry around the same time each day. If you are a gym goer, you may workout at the same time each day. Having a set schedule helps to bring mental and physical order. This doesn’t have to be down to the minute, but if you go to sleep at 9pm one night and 2am the next, you are going to have a hard time finding the sweet spot at which your body is ready for rest. Establishing a sleep schedule is a good way to get to sleep faster.