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Grown Up Back-to-School Supplies

Grown Up Back-to-School Supplies
September 13, 2021

In all the hysteria of getting kids ready to go back to school, parents and adult caregivers often forget to prep themselves for the change.

The backpacks, pencils, and calculators have been purchased. The class schedules have been set. New clothes have been acquired to fit the latest fashion trends (even though you were wearing those things in the ’90s). Now comes the adjustment phase. Getting back into the swing of school can be difficult at any age, for students, teachers, and parents alike. Here is a list of things that may help make the adjustment easier.  


Self Care for Parents with Kids Going Back to School 

The last school year was rough. There were a lot of changes and unknowns, making it even more difficult to adjust back to normal. Mental health concerns are on the rise, and completely understandable. As you do your very best to help your kids adjust to social norms, you have to recognize that your headspace will impact your entire clan. So, self-care is not selfish. It is necessary.  


Grown-Up Back-to-School Supplies 

Your specific needs are going to depend on a lot of things such as whether or not school changes your work schedule, the ages of your child or children, how much help you have from your support system, and your students’ overall attitudes.  


Discover a New Book 

The kids are going to have homework. Depending on their level of self-motivation, this may not have a big impact on your stress level. On the other hand, you could be in tears trying to figure out how to do 6th-grade algebra (It’s awful!). Do what you have to do, but then let your mind have a break. Find a book that you can get into. Maybe one that doesn’t require a lot of analysis. Let it be fun and let it be for you.  


Purchase a Timer 

You can always use the one on your phone too, but sometimes having the visual impact of seeing the timer tick down can be helpful. There are a number of ways that this grown-up school supply can help keep you and your students on task: 

  • Set a specific amount of time that your student must study or do homework before taking a break; 
  • Time the number of minutes your student needs to practice their clarinet, viola, or another band instrument for music class; 
  • Give yourself a designated time when the kids have to leave you alone, aside from when you are in the bathroom. This can be time for reading, mediation, TV, or just silence; 
  • Time outs for poor behavior or to take a break from another sibling. Sometimes the kids just need a minute to themselves too; or 
  • The amount of free time for kids to play outside, watch TV, play video games, or doing other activities can be monitored with a timer.  


Family Calendar 

Kids need consistency. This helps reduce anxiousness and allows them to feel a little more in control of what is going on around them. If your kids are old enough to use online platforms, COZI Calendar has a great option for keeping a family calendar that each person can use to add things like football practice, dance recital, a friend’s birthday party, mom’s yoga class, and more. This way, each person knows what is going on with everyone else. Google calendar may also be an option.  

If your students are younger, it might be better to have a tangible calendar on the wall where everyone can write and see schedules.


Seriously Relax CBD 

Your mind is going to be on overload as schedules change and you adjust to everything your kids need to be successful, which likely includes time, energy, and money. CBD interacts with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to restore homeostasis, which includes balancing the mind and body. Many people find that CBD helps to promote focus and boost energy and mood. Having a clear head and a calm focus can help you make better decisions for yourself and your family with less stress. Receptra Seriously Relax CBD tincture has the added benefits of lavender and passionflower to reduce stress.


Get Yourself a New Water Bottle 

Does that seem weird? It’s not. The mental and physical benefits of hydration can make a huge difference in your day. Because water is so important, you might as well enjoy it. The kids probably got water bottles for school. This is also an important grown-up school supply. Find a cool water bottle that fits your personality, or a plain one that you can decorate with stickers. Enjoy it and then make a commitment to drinking several full bottles a day. Your body will thank you.


Make This School Year Great for Everyone 

Parenting isn’t an exact science. You are doing awesome, but don’t forget that to maintain your epicness, you need to take care of yourself. Go do some grown-up back-to-school supply shopping and let’s make this school year great for everyone!