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Root Origins Face Cream 100mg 3.4oz from CBD Emporium

    Root Origins Face Cream - 100mg, 3.4oz


    ROOT ORIGINS Gentle Face Cream is a holy grail for skincare. Try it once and you might want to replace your entire routine with a single bottle. This nourishing cream with silky texture is great for moisturizing, diminishing acne and skin discoloration, and giving your skin a healthy glow. A combination of carefully selected natural ingredients with 100mg full spectrum hemp extract might be everything you ever needed to keep your skin youthful and fresh.


    • Organic Moringa Oil
    • Organic Fruit Extracts
    • Herbal Extracts
    • Full Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extracts.


    • Easy to use pump dispenser
    • All Natural
    • Soothe & Rejuvenate