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Nu-X Pre Rolls 1g Legendary from CBD Emporium
Nu-X Pre Rolls 1g Jupiter from CBD Emporium
Nu-X Pre Rolls 1g White Whale from CBD Emporium
Nu-X Pre Rolls 1g OGK from CBD Emporium

    Nu-X Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls - 1g


    Legendary CBD: Stemming from Kush genetics, Legendary's tart and floral notes will provide your evening a sense of Zen, calm, and tranquility. Zen out with a Legendary CBD Pre-Roll from Nu-X.

    Jupiter CBD: Jupiter expresses full Indica qualities boasting heavy earthy overtones touched by hints of sweet and sour lemon perfect for relaxation. Let the chill begin with a Jupiter CBD Pre-Roll from Nu-X.

    White Whale CBG: Frosty white trichomes characteristic to White Whale provides a bright and citrusy aroma, provoking a relaxed experience. Wind down into the weekend with a White Whale CBG Pre-Rolled from Nu-X.

    OGK: Slightly Sativa dominant OGK presents a fruity, floral, earthy profile and is the perfect companion for your daylight activities.


    • Legendary
    • Jupiter
    • White Whale
    • OGK


    • 1g hemp per pre-roll
    • 4 strains available
    • No flavoring added