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Lift CBD Disposable Vape Pen, Strawberry - 200mg, .5ml (a Tobacco Alternative) made by Lift CBD sold at CBD Emporium
Lift CBD Disposable Vape Pen, Strawberry - 200mg, .5ml (a Tobacco Alternative) made by Lift CBD sold at CBD Emporium

    Lift CBD Disposable Vape Pen, Strawberry - 200mg, .5ml


    Presenting the award-winning Lift CBD Disposable Pen. It’s sleek, it’s discrete, it’s thoughtfully dosed and perfectly flavored. Plus it features organic broad spectrum CBD!

    Of all the ways to feel better and get into your flow...this is probably the fastest. 

    Advanced Vape Formula

    • Relax with 1-2 mg Broad Spectrum CBD per Puff
    • One of Three Award-Winning Flavors
    • Ultra-Efficient Delivery
    • Extended Battery Life
    • THC-Free & Non-GMO
    • Lab Tested with Superior Quality

    What makes this vape pen so special?

    CBD: CBD may boost your body’s endocannabinoid system, resulting in full-body balance and a sense of wellbeing. You might have to experience this for yourself to truly appreciate it...

    Organic MCT Oil: This natural oil is derived from organic coconuts. In addition to having pro-metabolic effects, MCT oil is the stablest base a CBD product can use. It’s also very kind and gentle to the lungs.

    Natural Terpenes: Some vape pens use artificial colors and flavors to look and taste the way they do...but you deserve better. Our Strawberry Vape derives its delicious flavor from 100% natural terpenes. 

    Full Ingredients List

    Proprietary CBD Vape Formula: Organic MCT Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural Terpenes for Flavor.

    How do I use this product?

    Take a puff (or several) to experience fast relief from stress and strain. Because vaping is so discrete, you can easily use this product throughout the day as needed. 

    What can I expect?

    While we can’t make any medical claims, we can echo what customers are saying. And they tell us this Strawberry Vape Pen really works! Vaping delivers needed cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream via the lungs, providing fast relief to those with pain and inflammation. It’s also become a favorite of people with anxiety.

    Why choose a vape pen? 

    As mentioned above, vaping is fast. If you need the relaxation and peace CBD provides on speed-dial...this is probably the product for you. Vape pens are also discrete and very easy to use. 

    Any other good news?

    We want you to be able to take your CBD with peace of mind. We test all our products extensively to make sure they’re full of the good stuff they’re supposed to — and free from the bad stuff they’re not. Lift CBD is made in the USA, non-GMO, and fully Farm Bill compliant.

    Another thing: while this Strawberry Vape Pen is great and all, it’s not the only CBD product that could benefit you. If you have sleep problems, feel free to check out our Sleep-Well series.

    FAQs About CBD Vapes

    Is it legal to vape CBD oils?

    There are no federal or state laws prohibiting the acquisition and use of CBD vapes. There may be restrictions on where you may use it in public (just as smoking and drinking alcohol in public are also restricted).

    Why should I vape CBD oils?

    Both smoking and vaping provide instant delivery, meaning when vaping CBD oils you feel the effects very quickly. In contrast to smoking, vaping avoids combusting plant materials yet still releases their phytocannabinoids into your body's endocannabinoid system. Another benefit that goes beyond wellness attributes is the fact that vaping CBD oils is quick and discreet, making it the ideal reliever for any time or place.

    Do I need a prescription to vape CBD oils?

    As with any wellness product you may choose to add to your current regimen, we recommend you review such decisions with your primary care physician. However, thanks to the fact that our CBD oil vape products are made using hemp oil, they are completely legal in the United States and do not require prescriptions in order to purchase them.

    What's the difference between reusable and disposable vape pens?

    A reusable vape pen can be used with multiple vape cartridges, whereas a disposable vape pen offers the convenience of simply tossing the pen once the product has been fully consumed. There is also the additional convenience of not having to recharge the pen battery, nor is there ever a need to clean or maintain disposable products. Of course, the ingredients you are consuming are of greater importance than the type of vape pen you use, another reason you want to purchase your CBD vapes at CBD Emporium, where every product is carefully scrutinized and tested before acceptance into our line of quality CBD products.

    Is there any THC in CBD vapes?

    Although full spectrum hemp oil products contain only trace amounts of THC (which cannot make you high), we cannot guarantee that all drugs tests could be passed when using such products. If you have concerns about consuming any amounts of THC or are worried about passing a drug test for work, we recommend using only broad spectrum hemp oil CBD vapes. By using broad spectrum hemp oil products, you are assured no THC appears in the CBD you consume.

    Which is the best type of CBD vape to use?

    With no intention of being facetious, choosing the type of CBD vape to use depends upon the effects you are seeking. For instance, we have three quality CBD vape products by the same manufacturer, but containing different ingredients to influence three separate moods: relax, relief, or focus. Many of our clients purchase multiple CBD vapes to enhance certain effects at various times of the day.

    How much CBD oil should I vape each time?

    Good CBD vape manufacturers (like the ones we carry!) state clearly how many puffs you can expect and how much CBD is in each cartridge. All you need after that is a calculator, and you have your answer. For instance, our CBD Luxe line of Be Alert, Be Calm, and Be Clear vape pens each contain 200 mg of Organic Pharma Grade CBD and will produce 300 puffs. Simple math tells you each puff will deliver .67 mg of CBD, a great starting point. Try one puff, wait a few minutes to see how it affects you, and then take it from there. Many users find their use varying depending upon the activity and stress they encounter during their day, using it to "tweak" their moods and energy.

    I'm not tech savvy... are vape pens hard to use?

    Vaping CBD oils is a snap and requires little or no technical prowess. In fact, if you choose the disposable CBD vape pen route, you don't even need to power it on or charge it up. Just start puffing and you are getting the CBD you want without a hassle.