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CBD Emporium Franchise Approval Process

Steps of the Approval Process
There is a discovery phase, application review process, funding stage, and then the actual
awarding of the franchise. These steps help both potential franchisees and the franchisor
determine if franchise ownership is a possibility.

1. Discovery & Application
The first phase of the approval process involves gathering of information. Franchisees get the
opportunity to dive into the business offerings and what is required to own a location. You will be
advised on the costs, contractual obligations, benefits of ownership, and what to expect as they
move through the process. Detailed information is delivered in a Franchise Disclosure
Agreement. As part of the discovery stage, potential new franchise owners are invited to visit a
CBD Emporium, Inc store, speak with the personnel, get a feel for the level product knowledge
and range of products offered.

You will then be asked to complete and submit the detailed application form (included in the
appendix of this package). This form requests information such as:
● Basic personal information (name, address, phone number, if a veteran, whether there
will be a co-applicant, etc)
● Educational history
● Employment history & experience
● Business experience/work background
● Financial situation
● Credit references
● Work and personal references
● Plans for running your franchise business
Once a potential franchisee submits the application form, the next step of the process begins.

2. Application Review
In stage two, as franchisors we review the application, conduct interviews, process background,
reference, and credit reviews, validate and review all documents submitted with the application.
It is also an opportunity to request any additional or clarifying information if needed and to
answer questions about the application you may have.
Opening a franchise comes with substantial start-up investment and a commitment to work at
succeeding as best one can. It is important for a company to verify the applicant has the means
to make the investment. Franchisees will generally have to meet minimum financial
requirements, including at least a certain amount of funds in liquid assets. This information is
noted in the Franchise Disclosure Document, which potential owners should always review.

3. Approval & Initial Funding
Following full review and analysis of your application, the interview and all Q&A being
concluded, CBD Emporium Franchise will make the decision on your application. We hope this
will fall into place as all parties do – an acceptance and approval decision.
The franchising candidate has demonstrated that he or she meets financial eligibility and both
the franchisor and applicant agree to move forward, the new franchisee signs a letter of intent
and pays any initial fees to get started. Upon receipt of the notice of intent and first payment,
CBD Emporium Franchises sends the newly approved franchisee an approval letter stating in
writing that the candidate will be awarded a franchise location.

4. Awarding the Franchise
The last step of the franchise approval process is also the first step in preparing to open your
business. To show both parties are ready to open a new location, the Franchise Agreement and
Franchise Disclosure Document will be provided, reviewed, completed and signed by both
Following signatures by both parties, CBD Emporium Franchise will provide the comprehensive,
very detailed and company confidential Operations Manual. This set of materials provides a
resource with information on running most every aspect of your new franchise from pre-build
and onwards.
The goal of any franchise approval process is to make sure all potential franchisees are
prepared and set up to achieve business success. It not only protects the franchise company,
but also the entrepreneur. It is in both parties best interest to ensure the new franchisee
understands the financial and application requirements ahead of the process. Knowing what is
expected from you and what is provided by your franchisor in advance will make for a much
smoother approval process and set the stage for a successful experience for all.

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