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Live Rishi

An inflection point in the midst of adversity gave birth to this brand rooted in loving, holistic healing.
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Brand Highlights

  • The company was founded by Linda and Jim, a husband and wife team, and Rishi Kubani in Arizona.
  • Linda’s medical hardship was the catalyst to create Live Rishi’s effective formula.
  • All of Live Rishi’s products use full-spectrum CBD. This ensures the maximum effectiveness of hemp possible thanks to the entourage effect.
  • Their topicals are packed with natural botanicals for a huge value in a little package.
  • A chance meeting with Rishi during Jim’s taxi ride led to the creation of the business and the name.
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Live Rishi Full Spectrum CBD Rub - Arnica Montana


Live Rishi Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Cinnamon


Live Rishi Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - Vanilla


Live Rishi Full Spectrum CBD Rub, Rose - 250mg, 2oz


Live Rishi Full Spectrum CBD Aftershave Balm, Sandlewood - 250mg, 2oz


Live Rishi Full Spectrum CBD Rub, 2 Pack - 125mg, 15ml


Learn About This Company

Live Rishi

Live Rishi’s origin story is more like a novel than a company history. It’s got all the makings of a great drama. There’s sudden misfortune, followed by a tragedy, a point of desperation, and an unexpected meeting that turned it all around. Most importantly, a loving wife and husband are at this tale’s center. Their dedication to each other combined with a serendipitous connection with a would-be stranger is responsible for the satisfying happy ending. Today, their heartwarming story helps make sense of how their brand can create such a wonderful product.

Jim and Linda had enjoyed a long and happy marriage together. They always strived to be an industrious and enterprising duo. They opened a host of businesses together including restaurants and even a petting zoo! Just as they were preparing for retirement for the perfect bookend to a working life well lived, tragedy struck.

Linda had been taking prescribed pharmaceuticals for a while by then. This regimen of medication had been slowly burning a hole through her stomach lining unbeknownst to her. One day, her gut’s contents emptied into her stomach cavity. She was rushed to the hospital immediately and slipped into a coma while undergoing treatment. After an existentially challenging, out-of-body, near-death experience, Linda awoke. She was diagnosed with ischemic colitis, a condition caused by the medicine meant to help her. 

Once she was released, Linda began her healing journey using CBD daily with great success, eventually causing her abandon all her prescription medications. Even doctors were astounded at the speed of Linda’s recovery. While Linda’s improving health was amazing news, she and Jim were left in financial ruin. Insurance wouldn’t cover the costs of her hospital bills. Jim was forced to start working for Lyft to make ends meet when he should have been enjoying his golden years. But this moment of desperation was a critical one in Live Rishi’s story. It was on a fateful drive through Arizona that Jim met Rishi.

They got to talking in the car and Rishi was moved by their story. Over the course of many meetings, discussions, and careful planning, the three made Jim and Linda’s dream a reality. Their vision of bringing this same healing power to other people who needed it lives now in Live Rishi. Their noble intentions are just one of the many reasons we think you’ll love Live Rishi products.

The CBD Emporium Selection of Live Rishi Products

Live Rishi’s unique story leaves the impression that they care deeply about the products they’re making. But we take no chances here at CBD Emporium. Every brand that lands on our site goes through our extensive three-tiered quality control process. First, we examine and verify the brand’s lab reports. Second, we conduct a thorough brand background check for negative claims. Third, we put them through a personal, final vetting process to make sure we’re not promoting a single product we wouldn’t use ourselves.

We’re happy to report they passed our vetting process flawlessly. So, rest assured knowing you’re getting exactly what Live Rishi promises to deliver. Besides that, their products are loaded with a plethora of all-natural botanicals for better effectiveness, amazing taste, and a delightful smell. Beyond a powerful CBD formula, you’ll find that Live Rishi’s products are a treat for all five senses. 

We here at CBD Emporium think you’ll agree that Live Rishi has some of the best tasting tinctures you’ll ever come across!

Live Rishi CBD Tincture

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Live Rishi’s CBD Tincture offers a flexible way to add CBD to your wellness regimen. The simplest way is to drop the oil under your tongue, spread the oil around the base of your gums (this is a highly effective avenue for CBD to enter your body), and then swallow after 30 to 60 seconds. Or, you can add the tincture to any food or drink you’d like and let your digestive system take care of the rest. No matter which you choose, this CBD tincture’s warm cinnamon, or smooth vanilla flavor is one more part of your day to look forward to. 

Each bottle is made with organically grown plants. Each bud is harvested and processed at the peak of their freshness. This preserves all the quality terpenes and cannabinoids that eventually end up in each tincture. Live Rishi uses a CO2 extraction process. This is the best extraction method since it uses no chemicals and creates no risk of including unwanted additives.

The tinctures are available in three serving sizes in a vanilla or cinnamon flavor. There’s 250mg, 1000mg, and a whopping 5000mg of CBD per serving, all in the same effective formula. We recommend starting with a lower serving size and gradually increasing it until you reach your desired effects.

Live Rishi’s CBD Tincture has just three ingredients:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extract - organically created CBD in three serving sizes: 250mg, 1000mg and 5000mg
  • Coconut MCT oil - the carrying agent that protects CBD as it passes through your digestive system
  • Cinnamon - cinnamon has been used for ages as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory bark. And it tastes great!

    Live Rishi CBD Rub

    Live Rishi CBD Rub Banner

    Live Rishi’s CBD Rub is a perfect fit for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. 

    This topical comes in three varieties: 250mg of CBD per jar, and 500mg per jar. There is also a new 2 pack mini with 125 mg per jar.

    CBD topicals work by activating the endocannabinoid receptors on your skin. After an application, CBD slowly passes through your pores, spreads throughout the skin tissue, and activates these receptors.  Try applying this CBD rub after a shower or anytime you’re experiencing everyday muscle aches and pains. 

    The best part about this topical is the huge value you’re getting in natural botanicals added. Check out the list of just some of the ingredients below. You’ll see how each organic botanical works in tandem with CBD to offer relief and rejuvenate your skin.

    • Bees Wax - high in vitamin A to promote skin health, Bees Wax also forms a protective barrier on the skin that won’t clog your pores
    • Shea butter - contains high concentrations of fatty acid, this helps soften skin and may treat stretchmarks and scars
    • Jojoba oil - this nut oil is loaded with vitamins B and E, fights bacteria, and moisturizes skin. It also helps deliver CBD through your skin
    • Eucalyptus globulus - creates a cooling sensation that soothes the area and may help relieve muscle pain or arthritis
    • Lavender oil - aromatherapeutic plant oil that heals irritated skin in the form of scars, burns, or acne
    • Frankincense oil - helps strengthen skin, promote elasticity, and improve skin tone
    • Arnica Montana - this plant is often used to treat aches and pains, swelling, and bruises

      What CBD Emporium Execs Say About Live Rishi

      “The Live Rishi brand is the pinnacle of what a CBD product should be. Their purpose-driven approach is an inspiration in the CBD market today. The story of this brand tells you everything you need to know. Through a difficult time, the founders found CBD gave them a new zest to life. Jim and Linda wanted to share this feeling with the world. Even meeting one of the other founders was an act of giving, as Jim told Rishi how CBD could help others, as it did for Linda. The three were inspired to create the brand and let the people experience the benefits themselves. Live Rishi was born of true resilience and it shows in their high quality products. Each product is cared for individually through their small-batch manufacturing. Their certified organic processes and ingredients make a truly potent final product. This unrelenting commitment is exactly what we like to see on our shelves here at CBD Emporium. And by the way, the flavor profiles of their tinctures are some of the most authentic and tasty that I've ever tried. I don't typically take tinctures. But the Live Rishi cinnamon and vanilla flavors are my absolute favorite.” 

      Andrew Young, VP of Product Management

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