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Learn About CBD for Pets

When you think about it, pets are an important aspect of your wellness plan and that of your family. This is not just a "feel good" statement about the cuteness of pets in the home; there are established health benefits (as outlined by the CDC, no less!) which prove that having pets in your home are a sure way of boosting your well-being, including:

  • Companionship
  • Decreasing blood pressure
  • Decreasing cholesterol levels
  • Decreasing triglyceride levels
  • Greater likelihood of increased socialization opportunities
  • More chances for exercise and activity

Even if your pet didn't deliver you such important health perks, most pets and their owners develop a deep relationship and nonverbal understanding. Almost everyone who has lived with a pet has a story of a time when they were low and their pet knew it and responded with love and attention, often lifting one's spirits just by their presence and affection. 

While many people do not think of their pets in terms of health and wellness, the fact of the matter is that a good two-thirds of American households (85 million families!) have pets residing alongside the human family. You could say that people innately understand the healing quality of pets, even if it is never verbalized or consciously realized.

Because your pet is an integral member of your family, their wellness is just as important as yours, particularly since they contribute greatly to your own health and well-being regimen. At CBD Emporium, we know how important pets are to a beneficial and fulfilling life, which is why we paid extra attention during our due diligence process when examining and testing CBD pet products.

Does My Pet Need CBD Oil?

It is probably better to ask if your pet will benefit from CBD oil. Unlike food, water, and air, humans do not need CBD oil to survive, but it has been proven over and over again that a regular health regimen which includes CBD as part of its foundation certainly can improve one's lifestyle and sense of well-being. The same is true for your pets.

Let's take a step back for a larger overview; this can help us better understand why and how CBD benefits your pets in ways similar to benefits you realize. All mammals, including cats, dogs, and humans, are blessed with an endocannabinoid system, a biological system composed of three parts: 1) endocannabinoids, 2) receptors in your body that bond cannabinoid compounds with your endocannabinoid system, and 3) the enzymes that are released to break down those endocannabinoids and cannabinoids, putting them to good work.

This helps you better regulate physical, emotional, and mental functions like:

  • Appetite
  • Digestion
  • Immune functions
  • Inflammation
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Motor control
  • Pain
  • Reproduction/fertility
  • Sleep
  • Temperature regulation

(Due to its relatively recent discovery by scientists, more positive health results continue to be uncovered through expanded and extensive research. To learn more about your endocannabinoid system, we recommend our detailed FAQ on the endocannabinoid system.)

Even though your pet loves human treats, you wouldn't put them on a complete human diet or feed them the same amount you eat. But a few human-style treats not only brings pleasure to your furry friend, but it bonds them stronger to you. The same idea applies to CBD; it's a matter of understanding how your cat or dog can benefit from CBD and how much is appropriate.

How CBD Can Benefit Your Pets

Just as with humans, there are multiple ways in which CBD can benefit your pets.


Both cats and dogs can experience anxiety, although dogs seemed better equipped to communicate such issues. Separation anxiety is a common problem for many dogs, while thunderstorms, fireworks, and other unexpectedly loud noises and flashes can instill anxiety in the coolest of pets. Just as with their human counterparts, CBD seems to do wonders for easing the worries and concerns of your pets.


Humans sometimes get the munchies when consuming cannabis products, but pets seem to experience a similar sensation and drive with CBD products. If your pet is showing little interest in its meals, CBD products can be the perfect solution for whetting their appetite.


Dogs and cats will immediately vomit when feeling nauseous, often from ingesting toxins or drugs. Although no fun to clean up, be grateful that your pets know how to eliminate harmful things from their systems. Studies have found that CBD helps with both vomiting and nausea, purging their systems faster and more effectively. 


As our pets get older, we see the effects of their aging and stiffening joints. Many animals also develop arthritis, an extremely painful condition. Once more, CBD comes to the rescue, thanks to its known ability to relieve pain from both inflammation and nerve-related issues, making their final years fulfilling and comforting.


Using CBD to manage human seizures has been practiced for years, but pets also suffer from seizures. Some prescription medicines can be used for seizure management, but often cause liver damage as a side effect; sometimes these prescriptions don't even work. CBD is a safe alternative more pets are receiving as a gentler and effective treatment plan

With these valuable benefits for pets in mind, let's take a closer look at CBD for cats and CBD for dogs.

CBD for Cats 🐈

At CBD Emporium, we love pets, especially those finicky cats! Those lovely yet particular creatures really put it to us to uncover only the very best in CBD cat products, so we performed our due diligence with greater intensity than usual, coming up with the following:

Your cat may be picky, but he (or she) is also appreciative when you bring them the right treat. Trust us, with these selected CBD cat treats, your kitty will be feeling good in more ways than one: from the great taste to the improved physical sensations to the knowledge that you still love and serve your cat the very best!

CBD for Dogs 🐶

At CBD Emporium, we know the difference between cats and dogs goes way beyond barks and purrs. Where cats can be picky, most dogs have what we refer to as "adventurous" diets; their food and taste demands are less particular, which made our job in identifying outstanding CBD dog products for them easier, but just as much fun and fulfilling to offer your pet yummy CBD treats like:

Even when working with just the top manufacturers of CBD dog products, you are left with lots of choices as to flavoring and effects to select for your dog, ensuring you have a satisfied and healthy dog by your side for years to come.

CBD for Pets

On top of products specifically created for canines or felines, we carry general wellness CBD products intended to benefit most pets, including a full spectrum hemp oil made for horses, our CBD Emporium Isolate Pet Tinctures (in either 150 mg  or 300 mg bottles), a full spectrum hemp extract pet tincture by Ananda Hemp, and our line by Sun God Medicinals which address conditions like worry and feardigestive caremuscle relaxant, or general relief.

When it comes to pet care, we really do care about you and your pets at CBD Emporium and carry the CBD pet products to prove it!

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Pet Products

Below you will find our full-featured FAQ concerning CBD pet products which we regularly receive from our customers, broken into general, dog and cat sections.

About Pets and CBD in General

Is There a Difference Between CBD for Humans and CBD for Pets?

Even though both ourselves and our pets have endocannabinoid systems that can benefit from CBD, their dietary systems vary significantly from ours.  Additionally, they are much smaller than us, meaning they require less CBD than humans on a whole. CBD products formulated for pets take these important factors into play, along with flavoring. Admittedly, humans prefer fruity or natural flavors over beef and salmon, popular flavors used in many pet treats. 

What's the Difference Between CBD for Cats and CBD for Dogs?

The most important ingredient in all of our pet products, CBD, is the same regardless of what species of pet you have. However, just like the CBD you take, there are varieties of CBD (full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate, and nano CBD) which may be used in different products. As you explore our complete line of CBD pet products, you will notice more dog products than cat products; this is mainly related to the extra flavors which appeal to canines.

What Is the Best CBD for Pets?

The best CBD products for your pet are likely entirely different than CBD pet products others found effective for their pets. This is true for the same species, and even for the same breeds. Just as humans are unique, so too are our pets special, each in their own way. At CBD Emporium, we have done the important job of filtering out inferior and unacceptable CBD pet products, so you can be certain that whichever you select is of the highest quality for your pet.

Once you hit upon the best CBD treatment plan for your pet, we strongly recommend establishing and following a daily regimen to help your pet realize the best possible results from the CBD program you created. 

About Dogs and CBD 🐶

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

As our CBD pet products deliver its cannabinoids, your pet's endocannabinoid system takes them and puts them to the best use possible for your pet. Certain CBD dog products include additional natural ingredients known to alleviate or treat specific conditions, meaning you can find different CBD dog products to focus on anxiety, pain, inflammation, or other ailments.

How Much CBD Does My Dog Need?

The amount of CBD your dog needs varies mainly upon its weight. Start with a measurement of about 0.2 mg of CBD per pound as a safe rule of thumb for the minimum CBD you should try. This means a 10-pound dog might start with a 2 mg treat while a 25-pound dog would benefit more from a 5 mg treat. If your dog responds positively to the new treatment, boost it by degrees until you are providing .5 mg of CBD per pound to your dog.

How Will I Know If CBD Works for My Dog?

Responses differ between pets, but you will likely notice a significant change in the behavior and energy of your dog. Many customers see an immediate difference in their dog's attitude and spirit, often swearing that their dog knows the CBD product helps her or him feel better!

About CBD and Cats 🐈

How Can CBD Help My Cat?

There are multiple ways in which CBD has helped different cats. Common concerns that  cat owners address include anxiety management, pain alleviation, and appetite stimulation, all of which CBD appears to help in varying degrees. Our best recommendation is to try our various CBD pet and cat products until you find the ones that work best for your cat. As always, best results accrue through regular and consistent usage, with additional treatment recommended when unexpected situations cause additional stress or anxiety.

How Much CBD Does My Cat Need?

As with dogs, the amount of CBD required for your cat will generally vary based on its weight, but you use the same measurement of 0.2 mg of CBD per pound for your starting point. If your cat weighs 10 pounds, a 2 mg treat is a great starter to see how she or he responds and likes the chosen treatment. Ultimately, your cat should be able to handle and benefit from as much as .5 mg of CBD per pound.

Can CBD Calm Down My Skittish Cat?

 We highly recommend you try our CBD-infused catnip spray which brings out the playfulness of your normally nervous kitty, followed up by a perfect wind down and long nap. Many of our cat customers swear by this product as the magic solution to their kitty's skittish tendencies.

How Do I Give CBD to My Finicky Cat?

We know (and love!) how picky cats can be, that is why we carefully sifted through a multitude of products to discover the most appealing CBD cat products. We offer sprays, tinctures, and treats; many customers have found one or all of these methods to be popular with their cats. And because cats are so smart, once they experience the positive physical benefits of their preferred CBD product, your biggest challenge will be keeping them in stock!

Have more questions about CBD products for your special pet? If so, we always invite you to contact us online or come into any of our many retail outlets to talk to our knowledgeable staff members who can help you in your selections.