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Mad Tasty Hemp Infused Sparkling Water, Unicorn Tears - 20mg, 12oz


Mad Tasty Hemp Infused Sparkling Water, Watermelon Kiwi - 20mg, 12oz


Mad Tasty Hemp Infused Sparkling Water, Grapefruit - 20mg, 12oz


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Learn About CBD Edibles & Beverages

"You are what you eat" is more than a clever phrase. It actually reaches down to a deeper truth, which is everything we ingest affects and transforms us. Think about it: we have all gotten super grumpy from hunger pains, only to conclude with a fulfilled smile on our becalmed faces after answering our body's call for nutrition and satiation. 

It is this very fact that excites us at CBD Emporium about our excellent line of CBD edibles and beverages: admittedly, performing our three-pronged due diligence process (involving third party testing, a complete brand background verification, and full product vetting) introduced our palates to a wide variety of taste sensations (not all of which were good!), along with various CBD effects, but the end result was, as always, well worth the effort. We believe medicine need not taste bad to produce good effects nor should CBD products not taste bad to produce good effects, and we particularly applaud the burgeoning CBD industry for recognizing and supporting this fact by producing some of the most delectable CBD edibles and drinks on the market today.

The Benefits of Ingesting CBD Edibles and Beverages

Any way you consume CBD, you will experience benefits from its various properties. However, ingesting CBD via foods and drinks can offer some extra benefits that most people do not realize until they try CBD edibles and beverages themselves. For starters, consider these valuable benefits that accrue from ingesting CBD edibles and beverages:

  • Easy on the Lungs - unlike vaporizing or smoking hemp, individuals with sensitive lungs or breathing concerns find CBD edibles and beverages an outstanding alternative
  • General CBD Relief - just like any other way of taking CBD, by consuming CBD edibles and beverages, you will discover a "banquet of health benefits" that can relieve symptoms like:
    • Anxiety
    • Bowel discomfort and issues
    • Depression
    • Inflammation
    • Insomnia
    • Migraines
    • Nausea
    • Pain
    • Psychosis or mental disorders
  • No "High" - so many people appreciate the fact that CBD can aid in their wellness program without getting them high, thereby allowing them to focus on and manage their daily tasks and activities easier than before
  • No Severe Side Effects - unlike prescription drugs (many of which are so strong, they are locked up at the pharmacy) that reveal long lists of heavy side effects, most people experience no side effects (the few that have side effects declare them to be minor and manageable) 
  • Multiple Forms - whether you want a drink or something to nibble, you are certain to find CBD edibles and beverages that satisfy your particular taste cravings

Keep in mind that the CBD edibles and beverages we carry must pass two important aspects during our product vetting: we not only evaluate the accuracy and quality of the CBD and other cannabinoids, but pay an equal amount of attention to the other ingredients in the product, that often include other natural curatives and flavors, while we keep a special eye out for organic and non-GMO products.

Types of CBD Edibles and Beverages

At CBD Emporium, our growing inventory of quality CBD edibles and beverages can be broken down into three general categories, explained in greater detail below. 

CBD Gummies... A Classic Treat Upgraded!

Believe us, CBD gummies are a popular edible item, meaning there are a lot of products we had to filter out to end up with the elite listing of CBD gummies worth your time and money. While our search for new quality CBD gummies is ongoing, check out the companies who already passed muster and earned rightful places on our exclusive shelves.

  • Charlotte's Web - this company offers "mood" gummies to help you create states like CalmRecovery, and Sleep
  • Kurativ - with this company, you have 8 different gummies, meaning, different shapes, flavors, counts, and strengths
  • Sky Wellness - their Assorted Fruit Gummies (25mg, 30ct) is a perennial favorite with our clients
  • VitaDreamz - these SleepEZ Gummies add melatonin and chamomile for extra sleep assistance 

Whatever flavor, strength, or effect you are seeking, chances are we have the selection to meet your demands, so be sure to browse all our CBD gummies.

CBD Beverages... The New Elixir of Life and Wellness?

When it comes to beverages, we like it hot and cold, bubbly and flat, sweet and savory. By adding CBD to various drinks, you get an extra boost and appreciation for old standard favorites. Meet the manufacturers who made the grade at CBD Emporium so far, along with a short description of the products you will find on our shelves...

We haven't overlooked your thirst for flavors and results and are always searching for more, so be sure to regularly visit our complete and growing selection of CBD beverages.

CBD Coffee... Meet the New Cup of Joe!

If your coffee ever leaves you feeling on a jagged edge, then you want to try CBD coffee, a whole new experience that puts you in control of your caffeine rather than the other way around. To make your morning and evening brew more manageable and enjoyable, try these delicious Crazy Calm Insta-Coffee Sachets; if you prefer cream with your cup of Joe, we have that covered, as well, with broad spectrum creamers (hazelnut or vanilla) by Brio.

Don't forget that our quest to uncover and present new CBD edibles and beverages for your consideration and consumption is unending; we remain on the lookout for new products able to pass our stringent approval requirements and will be sure to announce new arrivals as they appear!

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Edibles and Beverages

To make your introduction to CBD edibles and beverages easier, we have constructed this list of common questions we hear, along with clear explanations.

Will CBD Edibles or Beverages Make Me High?

We carry a variety of CBD edibles and beverages, some of which use full spectrum CBD that include trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). This is not enough to make you high, but this doesn't mean you won't feel any effects, especially with certain products designed to enhance or amplify certain moods or states. As you try our various CBD edibles and beverages, you will learn for yourself how CBD can sharpen your mind or relax your body, relieving pain yet avoiding the typical fog one experiences from prescription pain meds. If you would rather avoid using CBD products with any THC, we also offer CBD isolate or broad spectrum products that are 100% THC-free (you can learn more with this informative article - What Is the Difference Between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum CBD?). 

How Long Does It Take for CBD Edibles and Beverages to Work? 

When digesting edibles and beverages, the CBD first enters your digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Because of this, the effects may not begin to work for 30 minutes to one hour, although many regular users claim to feel effects in as little as 15 minutes.

How Long Will CBD Edibles and Beverages Last?

Because of the varying strengths of our CBD edibles and beverages, combined with individual responses to different CBD treatments, the endurance of effects can range widely. At a minimum, you should expect effects to last more than several hours, but our VitaDreamz SleepEZ Gummies are specifically designed for ultimate relaxation without clouding the mind or awakening groggy in the morning and our satisfied clients claim that it lasts for the entire night.

What Is the Best CBD Edible or Beverage for Me?

It really depends upon your taste preference plus what kind of effects you are seeking, since we offer both general purpose CBD edibles and beverages, along with a solid line of products delivering specialty effects. We do stand behind every product that has cleared our strict approval process, so we, without hesitation, recommend that you try all our different products to learn which ones work best for you. Keep in mind, most of our customers end up regularly using multiple CBD edibles and beverages for different effects or for switching between flavors of the same product. We're sure after you have had the opportunity to sample the products of most interest, you will develop your own unique, yet effective list.

How Much CBD Should I Start With When Consuming Edibles or Beverages?

You will be surprised by how far just a little amount of CBD goes! That being said, most products are designed to deliver what is considered a basic dosage, so usually eating one gummy or having one drink will be more than sufficient to produce the effects you are seeking. You will find it tempting though to limit your consumption of some of our products because they are truly delicious and satisfying!

We know that we can't answer all of your questions, but hope this has offered you a good start to better understanding, appreciating, and enjoying CBD edibles and beverages. If you want to learn more about our CBD edibles and beverages, we invite you to further browse our online selection of CBD edibles and beverages, visit one of our many retail outlets, or simply contact us online and let us know what's on your mind!