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CBD Emporium Offers More Than Just Great Taste With its Newest Brand Nuriv

CBD Emporium Offers More Than Just Great Taste With its Newest Brand Nuriv CBD Emporium
November 05, 2020

Nuriv’s line of tasty and efficacious CBD products are now available at all CBD Emporium locations.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, US, November 5, 2020 - CBD Emporium, an upscale retail specialty CBD chain with locations throughout the United States, is pleased to announce that it will be adding, in Q4 2020, Nuriv to its lineup of brands offered both in-store and online.

Nuriv is utilizing advanced technologies and expertise to provide customers with an exceptional great tasting CBD experience as part of a healthy lifestyle, so CBD Emporium customers can feel well and live well.

Now CBD users can learn more about Nuriv and its unique molecular compounds, organic farm practices, and incredible flavor profiles, by visiting a highly trained CBD consultant at any CBD Emporium.

CBD Emporium is always looking for new, novel, CBD Products to provide choice to a growing number of hemp and CBD consumers, said Andrew Young, Vice President of Vendor Relations at CBD Emporium. “In a market that continues to be dominated by soft gels, tinctures, and topicals, Nuriv has created a product line that differentiates itself from everything else out there.” Young added.

“Nuriv® is changing the landscape with cutting-edge science and technology,” said Bill Sevold, Managing Partner at Nuriv. “Because CBD is not a highly absorbable substance, Nuriv utilizes a patented formulation making it more bioavailable through CBD micellization. The particle size of the compound is too large to efficiently pass through the lining of the gut, but through micellization, difficult-to-absorb compounds, such as cannabinoids, can be converted into liposomal micelles. These micelles are pre-digested and encapsulated to be in the range of ten to 20 nanometers in diameter to efficiently pass through the lining of the gut and improve viability, Sevold explains.

CBD Emporium is now featuring Nuriv’s line of multi-serving smoothies/coffee creamers. Nuriv’s CBD micellization technology has allowed the California-based company to formulate a CBD supplement with greater integrity, better taste, and more versatility than other CBD alternatives. Nuriv utilizes USA farm grown natural Hemp from organic non-GMO sources that contain high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). Its exclusive lineup consists of broad-spectrum CBD with MCTs for use as a coffee creamer and other beverage enhancements. Each 2-teaspoon serving provides 20 mg of CBD (Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract). Wake up with French vanilla, warm up with hazelnut, or indulge with chocolate brownie batter.

For consumers seeking something more specific, Nuriv has also created a remarkable line of targeted formulations in decadent flavors that focus on promoting sleep, alleviating stress, eye health, and joint health.

About CBD Emporium:

Established in 2018, CBD Emporium is a privately held company with 25 retail locations throughout the United States. The retailer is the premier source for quality, trusted CBD products, and offers a diverse selection of more than 50 best-of-industry brands and its own brand labeled products, derived from medical-grade organic hemp plants. The company’s knowledgeable staff provides the best information, education, and products to improve health and wellness. CBD Emporium headquarters are located at 2424 W. Desert Cove, Phoenix, Arizona 85029. For information on CBD Emporium, visit

CBD Emporium has also expanded its business to include franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs. For more information on this franchising opportunity, and to request an information packet including an application, visit

About Nuriv:

Nuriv utilizes USA farm grown natural Hemp from organic non-GMO sources that contain high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). Committed to a healthy environment, our products are nurtured farm to harvest. Nuriv products are Vegan and Dairy-free, cGMP, and manufactured in a USDA Organic, Star K Kosher facility. 

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