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The 14 Minutes That Changed Our Lives

Jim & Linda from Live Rishi featured at CBD Emporium's Online Store
May 06, 2021

Story as told by Rishi Khubani

The 14 minutes that changed our lives began as an innocuous task, something I had done so many times before, and did not put a single thought into.   On this day however, fate truly stepped in.  Little did I know the 14 minutes it would take to get from Wholefoods to my hotel would change the course of my life.

Standing in the shadows of the awning outside of a Wholefoods; a blistering 105 degree heat emanating from the surrounding concrete, the sweat was starting to gather on my forehead. I leisurely scroll through my news feed on my phone, looking to pass a few moments as I awaited my ride.

A ping, startling at first, but recognizable – My lift had arrived.

Looking up as a sleek silver truck slowly stops in front of me -  “Mr. Khubani?” floats out of the window as it rolls down. “Hello I’m Jim; your ride.” I must admit I am a little mystified to see someone with such a nice car driving around in this heat. By choice no less!

Getting into the back seat of the vehicle, “Please just call me Rishi.” I exclaim as I close the truck door.

“Jim, why are you driving this nice car in the Arizona heat? Shouldn’t you be relaxing by a pool or enjoying your time?” – Curiosity had gotten the best of me.

Jim chuckled. Looks up into the rear-view mirror & begins the story that will change my life forever.

“Where do I start, Mr. Khubani -  Rishi, I mean” a witty smile cracks on Jim’s face. “It’s easy to say the golden years….” With a slight pause.

“Yeah, they haven’t been so golden.”

He looks left then right before pulling out into traffic, my attention fully engaged.

“A few years back my amazing wife Linda was diagnosed with Ischemic colitis. The prescriptions prescribed to help had eaten through her stomach lining causing her to she slip into a coma & was rushed to the ICU, needing emergency surgery.”

Pulling up to a red light to make a left the intersection. I lean forward, placing my hand on Jim’s shoulder – my interest quivering with anticipation and condolence.

“Jim….is she ok?” I inquire with absolute concern. “Did she wake up?”

Jim looks back up into the rear-view mirror making eye contact with me; a small grin crawls upon his face as he continues.

“Linda, says it was during those moment she had an out-of-body experience, where she met her creator. Her soul made a choice & returned to Earth. Linda wasn’t done here yet apparently.” Shaking his head with a light chuckle said Jim.

With each passing word, I can feel the air - thick with love and admiration.

“My Linda woke up in an ICU, her life forever changed; she would now have to live the rest of her life with a colostomy bag. But that did not stop her. Being the amazing woman Linda is she began her incredible journey to recovery by taking CBD.”

“You see, Rishi, the same prescriptions that were prescribed to save my Linda’s life,” Jim hesitated, took a deep breath and continued “had instead ruined her health & consequently put us and our family in massive debt due to all the medical bills. Our insurance will not even cover most of the medical bills.”

The vehicle slowly comes to a stop in front of my hotel as Jim finishes his story.

“Rishi, its why we met today.” Jim turning around to face me “I had to leave her home alone so I could come out and make some extra money driving for Lyft.”

Sitting there in the back of the truck I am shocked, stunned and yet humbled.

I sat there; in Jim’s truck… with an open mind and open heart. I had the whole day in front of me. I realized I was not ready to end this meeting of fate.

“Jim” I asked leaning forward “come and have a beer with me?”

A little surprised, Jim accepted my invitation. Luckily, Jim and Linda live close to the hotel; Jim momentarily left to retrieve his wife Linda.  I was overcome with excitement, I could not wait to meet her face to face having heard this wrenching story.

Meeting at the hotel bar, we sat down for lunch and drinks. Jim & Linda spent the day educating and enlightening me about the benefits of CBD & how it has been helping with aches & pains as well.

“It has been especially beneficial to Linda” Jim explained, she had been using it to recover from surgery. Linda was even surprising her doctors, a notion she found comical.

“Rishi” Linda pronounced.

“Our home-made CBD salve helped my surgical scars so well the Dr’s were amazed and make comments at every follow up visit.”

Now I was intrigued – I had to know.

“May I try it?” I asked with childish excitement gazing my eyes back and forth between the two of them.


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With a huge smile and not even a moment of hesitance they were more than happy to share the salve with me. Handing me a small container from her purse, she smiled. I opened the lid and started to apply it to my skin.  In just a few moments I realized that I felt amazing. My skin felt rejuvenated & moisturized. I was shocked and forever hooked on Linda’s homemade remedy.

Sitting there, accompanied by fate itself, I sipped from my drink.  Wracking my mind with how I could share their story; everyone must know I thought to myself. I know many people will benefit not only from this amazing journey of love and healing but from the product itself.

Then & there we decided that Jim, Linda & I would work together & make this Dream a reality.

After months of hard work & discussions it was time to name the product.

Jim and Linda decided to name the CBD salve after me - Live RISHI was born.

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