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Sun God Medicinal Powerful Powdered Herbs
For the past several years, living a wellness lifestyle has grown in popularity. But now in the time of COVID-19,...
VitaDreamz - A Great Night’s Sleep Never Tasted So Great
💤 VitaDreamz is a CBD supplement that claims to improve sleep and induce feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. But what exactly is in VitaDreamz?... and can it really help you have a better night’s sleep?
Vai CBD Water - Quenching Your Thirst For CBD
💧 Vai CBD water is high in CBD and may provide you with all the potential benefits of CBD! Vai water uses nanotechnology to bind CBD molecules with hydrogen molecules keeping it more stable and increasing the concentration of CBD in the drink.
What is Nanotechnology in CBD?
Nanotechnology may sound like something out of a movie, but it may be able to improve the effectiveness of CBD.
The Popularity of CBD in America (User Trends and Growth)

If you asked someone about the compounds in cannabis even 10 years ago, you’d be lucky to get any information. Today, however, CBD (cannabidiol) is a well known and widely celebrated cannabis compound.

What is CBG (Cannabigerol)?
Did you know there are different cannabinoids besides CBD and THC? CBG or cannabigerol is one of them. Read on to learn more about this cannabinoid.
What is a COA and why is it important?
At CBD Emporium, our team works long and hard to identify and select high quality, hemp-based CBD (and other cannabinoid)...
KurativCBD: The Story
There is a rich history between CBD Emporium and Kurativ. But at the "roots" of the relationship, it was a strong passion for delivering the best possible and cleanest CBD products one can find. 
Keep Your Immune System Strong
We believe one of the pillars in health and wellness is including CBD in your regimen.  It is a great foundation in which to build on. However, with a virus like Covid-19, there is nothing more important than your immunity.   You need to take the right actions to boost your immune system and keep your body strong right now.
Foods That May Assist In Fighting Stress
It seems there is a lot to be stressed about lately. CBD Emporium’s mission is to help guide people to better health and wellness through CBD. However, this is just one stop in the journey to being healthier. And, while many people find that CBD incorporated into their regimen may assist with stress. Eating right is a key component to complementing a daily dose of CBD. It’s all about finding your balance. 
CBD Plays a Role in Fitness Success
Are you ready for the New Year and a new, healthier you? CBD Emporium is your one-stop shop to help you achieve your January fitness goals. Many top tier athletes and those with an active lifestyle are now incorporating CBD into their workouts as an addition to protein and amino acid supplements. Whether it’s better rest and recovery , CBD Emporium offers an array of high-quality, lab-tested CBD products for your pre and post-workout needs.
What is the difference between Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD?
Are you confused? CBD Science can be a little confusing.  You are not alone.  With all the different wording and scientific terms, making a good decision can be overwhelming.  Our hope is this short primer will help boost your vocabulary and make a better, more educated purchasing decision.
CBD Emporium is Different
CBD Emporium has the widest selection available on the market with the highest standard of quality that specializes our CBD professional consultants to tailor each unique visit, with each unique client.
Our Community @ CBD Emporium Ahwatukee
Your Team at CBD Emporium Ahwatukee Written by Store Manager: Damian Murillo CBD Emporium Is a fast growing nationally recognized...